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4 Myths About Web Hosting You Should Never Believe!

It’s common for newbies to have the wrong idea of web hosting. But, don’t forget, believing in certain misconceptions might cost you a lot of money and customers in the future!

Whether you want to partner up with a web hosting company in UK, or anywhere else, learning the right thing is crucial in order to receive your coveted profits. 

Read on to find out which myths can turn out to be a huge obstacle in your success… 

Never Fall for These 4 Myths About Web Hosting!

As a business owner, you need to make a well-thought-out decision before signing the contract with any web hosting company, because a single mistake can disrupt your online growth.

Below are some common myths about web hosting you should never believe if you really want to find the best web hosting company in UK.

Here is the list:

  1. Free Web Hosting is a Perfect Option 
  2. Cheap Plans are Bad for Your Site 
  3. Being a Tech Savvy is Super-Important 
  4. SSL Certificate is Not Crucial for Your Website


1. Free Web Hosting is a Perfect Option

While finding a web hosting company in UK or wherever else you’re located, you would come around some agencies that sell free services. 

This might sound like an amazing idea at first sight, but soon it would turn out to be a huge regret. Because free web hosting can really hurt your business!

See how… 

As free hosting agencies don’t invest much in their servers and keep on using the outdated ones, therefore all websites running on such systems painfully struggle to load. Apart from that, they generally offer shared hosting where managing a myriad of sites becomes really difficult. 

Did you know that running a website on a shared server can also increase your website’s downtime?

Yes, that’s true! 

Once you start receiving a steady stream of audience you would require increased bandwidth in order to load the site’s data at a blazing fast speed. But, free hosts only offer you limited bandwidth on a shared server that cannot manage the sudden traffic spikes. As a result, your website might start crashing frequently. 

Free web hosting companies don’t even provide 24/7 customer support. In case, you want to fix any problem, your host won’t be there to help you out at the moment! 

Hence, while choosing your ideal web host make sure you don’t get attracted to free services. After all, you only get what you pay for!

However, for testing purposes or for personal blogs, getting this type of hosting may be okay, because there won’t be any chances of losing customers in such cases.


2. Cheap Plans Are Bad for Your Site

As mentioned earlier, investing in the best web hosting company is worth it, but this doesn’t mean spending a fortune on the plans is important. 

Some of the website owners believe that getting pro-level and expensive hosting plans can help them get more profits and audience. 

But, in reality, this isn’t the case! 

Of course, the site’s performance plays an important role in reinforcing the users’ purchase decision but how can it attract customers? 

Web hosting is only responsible for providing an optimal browsing experience to the users who land on your pages. Remember, your product, site's design and SEO optimized blogs are the key to grabbing the audience’s attention but not the type of hosting plan.

This means, even if you get an affordable plan from the best web hosting company in UK, still business owners can enjoy excellent services. Because these agencies offer top-notch servers for managing your website, no matter which package you choose.  

For every business owner, web hosts offer three main packages i.e., basic, standard, and premium, and their prices vary depending upon the server specifications. 

Such as the premium plan of WordPress hosting (with greater bandwidth, RAM, etc.) would be a bit expensive as compared to the basic package.

If you’re a starter, then you would not want to spend on additional features that are not yet needed for your website. But, once your business starts to flourish you can choose the next-level plans to tackle the increasing customers.


3. Being a Tech Savvy is Super-Important

The best part of hiring the top web hosting company in UK is that you don’t have to learn complex coding at all. 

Whether you’re willing to fix a server problem or want to have an antivirus installed, the best web hosts have got everything under control! 

Still, you’ve to learn some things, i.e., server specifications, types of domain names, etc. Just a bit of basic knowledge! 

Rest, the installations, scanning, backups, and other such duties remain the headache of your host.  

But, in the case of dedicated hosting, business owners are required to have a great deal of knowledge about servers as compared to that of shared and VPS hosting. However, they can get fully or partially managed plans. This means they can either run the entire server themselves or let their hosts manage different administrating duties. 

No matter, what option you want to choose, the best web hosting company in UK is never going to leave you alone! 


4. SSL Certificate is Not Crucial for Your Site

Do you know what can bring your customers closer to the purchase decision? 

A super-secure website! 

And how can you improve your site’s security? With SSL certificate’s encrypting powers! 

Just like sealing a letter is important to hide the message from the third person, an SSL certificate is important to a website for encrypting data and protecting it from hackers on the internet. It’s one of the essential features every business website must-have.

To get this straight, have a look at the image below: 

This how adding HTTPS to your website can protect your site’s data.

Not only this, but it also makes your website look more secure. This wins the trust of users and brings them to your site which ultimately boosts your ranking! Isn’t it what you want?

For business websites, along with following the top tips to improving website security having an SSL certificate is also crucial.

Why? Because they’ve got to protect their organization’s and customers’ precious data. On the other hand, personal blogging websites can work fine without buying this security extension as there would be no credit card or other such details to be protected. 

Web hosting companies offer different types of SSL certificates to website owners. Such as: 

  • Extended Validation (EV) certificates 
  • Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates 
  • Organization Validated SSL Certificate
  • Multi-Domain SSL Certificate
  • Wildcard SSL certificate 

All of these come around with different specifications and depending upon your needs you can install any certificate with just a few clicks. 


What Makes a Web Hosting Company Ideal? 

As now you’re aware of the common myths about web hosting, let’s talk about how to find an ideal host. 

Developing a website and creating an SEO-friendly domain are the far easier steps to building an online presence as compared to finding the right host.  

Every web hosting company claims to be perfect. With such an overwhelming competition out there, business owners can easily get spammed!

To help you out, we’ve listed the must-have features of a reliable and trustworthy website:

  • Guarantees 99.9% uptime consistency 
  • Offers flexible and affordable plans 
  • Provides additional add-ons i.e., SSL certificate
  • Has an impressive client’s portfolio 
  • Promises 24/7 customer support 
  • Offers cPanel, SATA drives, and latest OS 
  • Conducts regular backups

Make sure you walk through all the important steps to finding an ideal host. Once you’re ready, check whether your chosen host is enriched with the above features or not. If yes, then you’re good to go!


Not a single business owner can find the best web hosting company in UK, if they don’t stop believing in the misconceptions mentioned above. Don’t forget, getting a host is a make-or-break decision. Thus, it’s important to have a clear understanding of which package and host to choose and which to not.

So, take your time, and don’t forget to stay away from the biggest mistakes while partnering up with any host

22 Jun 2021