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9 Essential Features Every Business Website Must Have

Do you have a business website? Or are you planning to own one? 

Whatever the case is, if you don’t prioritize certain features during the process of business website development, then your company would lead towards a huge loss!

A website reflects your whole organization in the virtual world. It is a crucial asset of your company that can elevate profits, build customer’s trust, and much more! 


Only a pro-level website escorted by tons of features can uplift your sales!

Thus, if you’re serious about your business success, then never compromise on any of the features listed below… 

9 Must-Have Business Website Features

Here’re the 9 essential features of a business website that ensure long-lasting success: 

  1. Easy-to-Remember Domain Name 
  2. Clear Contact Information 
  3. Call-to-Action (CTA) 
  4. SEO Optimized Content 
  5. High-Quality Images 
  6. Testimonials and Reviews 
  7. Mobile-Friendly Interface 
  8. Attractive Design
  9. SSL Certificate 


1. Easy-to-Remember Domain Name

A domain name is the very first step to business website development. 

Whether you run a company in UK or any other corner of the world, you need to come up with a domain name that depicts your niche. 

A domain name represents your whole organization, products, and services. So, stick with a catchy and easy-to-remember domain name that can help you stand out in the overwhelming cyberspace! 

So, Here’re some tips for creating a heavy-hitting domain name: 

  • Consider adding keywords of your niche
  • Make sure it is easy to pronounce
  • Try to stick with .com domains 
  • Make it short, unique and precise 
  • Avoid numbers and double letters 

All done? 

Great! Now check its availability on an online domain checker! But… What if your domain is already taken? Go back and decide on a new domain name?

No… simply do some variations and add some short words to make it sound unique! Once you’re ready, find the best domain registrar and buy your domain name right away. 


2. Clear Contact Information

Having clear contact information on your website is important! 


Because 40% of the visitors would bounce out of the website if contact information is not displayed on your webpage.

Consumers have tons of queries about the products/services of any company. Thus, to make their life easier make sure your contact details remain right in front of them.

Now, the question is, what is the ideal place for your contact details? 

It is best to put your contact information in the footer, so it is visible on every page of your website. 

Want a pro-tip? 

You can add live chat to your website and talk to your visitors directly!


3. Call-to-Action (CTA)

Nothing can beat an excellent call-to-action (CTA) on your webpages! 

Your customers should never be left alone and you must serve them well.

CTA can help you with this!  

It would provide your customers with crystal-clear guidelines and help them walk through your website easily.

Now, let’s see how you can make effective CTA: 

  • Use strong action words 
  • Try to foster curiosity through gamification
  • Add colors and designs to your buttons 
  • Be super-creative 
  • Try to provoke emotion
  • Offer surprising bonus 


4. SEO Optimized Content

Highly SEO-optimized content makes you look like an expert, because you’d be ranking on the first page of Google’s search results.

Many business owners believe that having low-quality content is okay as long as it fills up their webpages and looks attractive. But, this is not how it works! 

Remember, content is for your users. And, it should provide solutions to your customers.

Thus, next time you think of drafting content make sure it casts light on your niche and provides loads of valuable information. 

Bonus point? SEO-optimized content can help you rank on top of Google’s search results! Which would ultimately increase your conversion rate. This way you can easily increase your brand awareness and drive heavy web traffic! 

This means you should never ignore SEO optimization during the business website development process!  

So, here’re the steps you need to follow for creating an SEO-optimized web content: 

However, for most business owners, creating SEO-optimized content is a tough call. So, it’s better to get it done by the best SEO service provider and save yourself from this headache. 


5. High-Quality Images

These images convey complex messages and transfer information in the blink of an eye! For instance, if you run a real estate business in UK then just uploading an image of one plot can save your user from reading lengthy descriptions. 

This would enhance your customer’s experience and reinforce their purchase decision. 

Along with all this, it can also improve your indexing on search engines. How? With help of the keyword-pivoted captions, you can easily enhance your SEO optimization. And start ranking on top of Google’s search results. 

This would show your website for both web and image searches so your brand has higher chances of being found. 


6. Testimonials and Reviews

Reviews, along with trust ratings are a solid-proof of your brand’s reliability. 

You can easily get reviews from your previous customers. Just have few words with them and ask if they’d be willing to write their experience with your organization. 

Stick with original reviews and don’t let the spam ruin your company’s image! 

No matter you want to run your website on VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting server, this feature must rest on top of your priority list! 


7. Mobile-Friendly Interface

Just having a business website is not enough! There’re so many other things you need to take care of. Such as, is your website mobile-friendly or not? 

Did you know that around 57% of the whole web traffic is done on mobile phones? 

This is why you need to design a responsive website that can load on both laptops and smartphones. Else, it won’t do any good! 

So, here’re the important aspects you need to consider while designing a mobile-friendly website: 

  • Consider both portrait and landscape modes
  • Use sensational attractive buttons 
  • Never comprise the loading speed! 
  • Prioritize ideal screen resolution and aspect ratios 

In a nutshell, a mobile-friendly website should be a blend of excellent speed and ease of use. This enhances your user’s experience which would more likely convert them into a customer. 


8. Attractive Design

If you really want your website to stand out in the chaos of business competition, then incorporate attractive designs and aesthetic colors. 

In order to understand the importance of web designs, have a look at the image below: 

Do you see how your entire brand’s reputation is highly dependent on webpage design? 

Thus, you need to be super-careful before choosing any design. Be sure, your website’s colors are not too pinchy but are smooth enough that can bewitch your users in just seconds!

9. SSL Certificate

How about your bank account details and credit card passwords getting leaked to the worst hackers! 

Pretty sure, not even a single person would like to experience this disaster. Not even your customers!

This is where the SSL certificate comes into play! 

If your website is not escorted by an SSL certificate, most of the users would never dare to add their sensitive information. Which clearly means they won’t buy!

So, why don’t you just stay on the safer side and get an SSL certificate for your website? 

Look the image below and see how many benefits it offers: 

No matter, you run an e-commerce website or a hosting reseller business, you need to get the best business website development in UK that offers you an SSL certificate and a secure environment. 


Pro tip: Get Reliable Business Website Development Services

Shaking hands with a business website developer is a make-or-break future decision! 

The business website development process is a complex procedure. But, with the help of the above tips and practices, you can easily design an ideal website. 

And, to receive maximum profits partner up with the best web development company and let them manage your online presence! 

18 Mar 2021