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8 Things to Look for When Choosing a VPS Hosting Provider

Either you’re new to hosting or an old pro, VPS hosting in UK (or wherever else you’re located) is a perfect option for you if you want more control and resources. 

However, in a world filled with a plethora of hosting options, getting a perfect plan out of the gate is an overwhelming task. 


There’s a fairly short list of factors with the help of which you can easily weigh the techs and specs of your chosen host.  

So, what are those? 

Luckily, you’ve stepped on the right platform. Here we’ve listed all the important factors you need to take into account while making a decision. 

What to Look for While Choosing a VPS Hosting Provider?

The best VPS hosting provider is the one that offers you plenty of services under one umbrella. Here’re some features you need to consider before shaking hands with any host.

Let’s walk through each and discuss why it is important to consider them all…

  1. Uptime Consistency 
  2. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  3. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  4. Bandwidth Allowance 
  5. Virtual Server Security
  6. Optional Root Access 
  7. Control Panel/ User Interface 
  8. 24/7 Customer Support


1. Uptime Consistency

Checking the uptime consistency of your chosen host should be the top priority for everyone seeking a VPS hosting plan. 

Uptime consistency is basically the amount of time a server stays online. Every web hosting company tries its best to keep its servers perform effectively. 


Technical mishaps usually happen that can directly affect your website’s performance. For instance, if your chosen VPS hosting provider has to face an accidental server breakdown, your website would go offline!

What if a steady stream of audience is trying to visit your website during this critical time? Sadly, your services won’t come up and your users would move away! Much worse? They would start heading towards your competitors! 

Thus, pay attention to uptime consistency and get your hands on the VPS hosting provider that promises you an ideal uptime that is 99.9%. In fact, in severe cases, the best host offers you a money-back-guarantee as well! 

So, make an ingenious decision because your site’s performance and your online conversion rates can get immensely affected by your chosen host’s server uptime! 

2. Random Access Memory (RAM)

Technically speaking, you share resources with other websites on VPS hosting plan. 

However, the ratio of these shared sites is much lower as compared to the shared hosting servers. Plus, you keep on enjoying your private dedicated RAMs.

The point is, with more RAM you can run your website super-effectively and upload loads of content.

Bonus point? 

You can run your websites together with a bundle of other systems like firewalls, monitoring scripts, and a flexible MySQL database. 

Further, if you want to free yourself from the headache of site performance you can easily upgrade your VPS hosting plans from basic to premium which allows you to use plugins, manage contents, and much more! 

So, it’s better not to mess with your business’s future online and think wisely before choosing your VPS hosting provider!

3. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Ideally, the CPU is responsible for allocating resources to the operating system. And, the potentiality of any host can be measured through the number of CPU cores they offer.

More CPU cores mean that the Virtual Private Server can handle multiple tasks simultaneously. 

Not every hosting company allows you to choose the option to select the number of cores of your choice. Instead, you have to go with a predefined number of cores specified by the host. 

So, stick with the best web hosting company because they may allow you to customize your options as per your needs. VPS hosting plans in UK and all around the world offer you a diverse number of CPU cores! 

With the entry-level plans, you can enjoy one or two cores that are more than enough for the starers. But if you feel the need to upload more content you can simply jump to premium plans with 8 or more CPU cores. 

More number of cores ensure that your website runs smoothly and at a blazing-fast speed. 

4. Bandwidth Allowance

Bandwidth determines how fast your website can load in browsers. It is the amount of data transferred when a visitor jumps on your website. 

In easy words, a website with high-quality visuals and heavy graphics would require bandwidth in GBs or more. In contrast to this, a simple website requires lesser bandwidth. 

How about if your product took off suddenly? 

Great… but now you need more space to manage oodles of new customers. Which means you need to have more bandwidth. 


What if your hosting company refuses to help you at this important stage? Or what if they introduce you with extravagant upgrading charges? 

You would be in real trouble! 

Thus, it is better to check how much bandwidth has your chosen host promised to deliver. Either you want to run a business website or an e-commerce website, be sure they offer you greater bandwidth that can handle the growing customers! 

The best VPS hosting in UK allows you to easily upgrade your plans and enjoy more bandwidth! 

5. Server Security

No matter you want to hire a VPS hosting provider in UK or anywhere else around the globe, be sure your host provides you an ultra-secure digital environment! 

Data breaches, malware, DDoS attacks, and theft identity have increased incredibly. 


The best VPS hosting provider in UK offers you a variety of security features that keeps you at a safer side and protects your personal, private and financial data.

6. Optional Root Access

This feature really matters if you’re a developer and want an advanced level of control of your virtual server. With root access, you can edit each file, implement complex coding and even install certain softwares of your choice. 

In easy words, root access can help you run your virtual servers as you want. Typically, if you’re a tech pro then gaining root access sounds a good option but for an average user, it is recommended to stay on semi-managed servers. 

In both cases, be sure your chosen host allows you the power to administer your settings either fully or partially. 

Else, you would be bound to specific software and programs that might not even suit your business type! 

7. Control Panel/ User Interface

The best VPS hosting companies across the world and in UK offer ultra-level control panels to manage your files and information. 

These user-friendly control panels come in different shapes. Among these, cPanel and Plesk are the number one choice of the customers.

Thus, before making a contract with your chosen host make sure their control panels are user-friendly. With the help of which you can easily administer your files like a pro! 

8. 24/7 Customer Support

What if something goes wrong? Whom are you going to contact to solve your time-sensitive issue?

Of course, your hosting company!

But what if your hosting company is not available in this critical situation?


Thus, look for an ideal VPS hosting provider that is readily available to solve your problems via live chat and phone.


Make sure they offer you 24/7 customer support for 365 days! Apart from that, check out if your chosen host can help you switch your packages easily without surprising you with hidden charges.

Choosing a hosting provider is a make-or-break future decision thus shake hands with the one that values their customers!

Choosing the best VPS hosting in UK for your business can be difficult at times. Thus, don’t forget to consider all the points we’ve discussed above. This will help you to make sense of all the different options and find your perfect fit! 

09 Mar 2021