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Shared or Dedicated Server Hosting: Which is your ideal fit?

Are you’re ready to launch your business online? 


Still, you’re struggling to choose between these two hosting plans?

Whether you run a business in UK or anywhere else in this world… you need to be super-careful before choosing between shared or dedicated server hosting.

Both of these come with different pros and cons and are designed for specific types of businesses. This is means if you choose the wrong hosting option you might regret it afterwards.

But the point is, how can you find your perfect hosting server?

Luckily, you’ve stepped on the right platform! Here we’ll provide you a complete guide to help you figure out your perfect hosting option. 

So, let’s begin… 

Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting? 

With shared hosting, you live alongside different co-workers where multiple website owners’ data is stored on one server. On the other hand, dedicated hosting offers a single server to each user.

Let’s dig deeper and find out the major differences… 

Technical Management 

Shared hosting demands no technical skills. All the maintenance is under the control of your host where you don’t have to worry about different installations and regular updates. 

This means if you’re a newbie then shared hosting sounds perfect for you! 

Shared hosting is essentially recommended for beginners. Shared hosting reduces your management chaos by offering you cPanel where you just have to manage your emails, files, error logs, and database. 

It works perfectly fine if your website is just receiving a handful of customers. But, as soon as your business starts receiving tons of traffic, a shared server might hang abruptly. Because not only your users but your fellow worker’s audience also try to fetch data from the same server.

Once your business starts to flourish and oodles of users start landing on your website, switch to a dedicated server or VPS hosting plan as soon as possible! Dedicated server hosting offers you greater bandwidth and excellent speed where your users keep on accessing your website smoothly.

Performance of Website

Performance of your website matters! 

Don’t forget, your website is the very first impression of your entire business. So, along with its user-friendly features, it should run at a blazing fast speed. Why? Because 47% of the consumers expect the website should load within 2 seconds. 

And these 2 seconds decide the future of your online sales!

If your website could not load within this critical time your users would jump back immediately without wasting a single second! No matter you run a business in UK or anywhere across the world, your website should greet all the national and international users with excellent speed.

Generally, when you share a single server with loads of other co-workers, you’re offered a limited bandwidth that cannot handle a huge amount of audience.

This slows down the shared server’s speed and in worst-case scenario, you may start experiencing increased server downtime! 


Talking about security, dedicated server hosting offers you ascending level of secure environment than that of shared server hosting. 

We all are very well aware of the fact that plenty of hackers are waiting to hunt your data. And, shared server is a golden chance for them!

One of the researches proved that the average cost of data breech is around  $3.86 million.

Sure enough, you don’t want your company to bear this much loss!

This doesn’t mean that your host is not updating the latest antiviruses or it isn’t watching out for those hackers. The point is, hacking your data on shared hosting is much easier as compared to dedicated hosting. 

Multiple Resources 

Dedicated server hosting allows every individual user to manage their web server resources on their own. And, you get complete control over your customization and new installations/updates.

However, you cannot administer them individually on shared web hosting servers. You have to share each of these with your co-workers.

Price of Packages

Everybody wants to enjoy a secure digital environment and bundle of hosting features at an affordable price. With shared hosting all the server resources are shared among the workers. Hence, the cost of such a server is extremely economical.

In dedicated server hosting, all the resources are devoted to a single customer, this is why these packages are expensive. However, the cost is justified by the benefits you get with a dedicated server in terms of performance, speed, and other major metrics.

Tips for Choosing the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in UK

You can never label any host as “a dependable provider” without experiencing their services because only a few of them are can prove reliability. 

Thus, if you jump on the wrong track you might risk your valuable investments! 

So, how can you save your profits from burning down to the ground? For this, you need to check whether your host guarantees following features or not:

. Ideal 99.9% Uptime Consistency 

Business owners can’t afford to have their websites go offline. Allowing your website to shut down means dropping your online profits. 

This why checking the uptime consistency of your chosen dedicated server hosting provider should be on the top of your priority list. 

The best web hosting company in UK 99.9%, along with a blazing-fast speed and exemplary customer support.

Any hosting company offering less than the standard 99.9% server uptime consistency can stimulate disastrous results. 

. Latest Operating System and Hardware 

Some hosts offer a variety of operating systems and some do not! Hence, if you choose the wrong hosting company you might not get what you want. 

Further, the hardware weighs the credibility of hosting services. Thus, check out your chosen host’s CPU model, RAM size, SSD storage and hard disk space before shaking hands with your host. 

. Control Over Customization and Installations 

Every business owner wants to work on their website individually with a full-control over customization and software installations. 

If your chosen host does not allow this feature, then you could not install any software that your business might need in the future. At this critical point, you’re left with only one option… Full migration! 

To save yourself from this headache, check your hosting company’s policy and make sure they allow you to customize your server as you want! 

. Immediate Backup

No matter whether you want to run an online business in UK (or wherever else you’re located), make sure your host is capable of providing immediate backup.

Because you can never predict any accidental failure of your server or software. And, once the data is lost…


You would be in deep trouble!

This is why you need to choose the best dedicated server hosting in UK or any other part of the world, to receive immediate backup and bring your business back to life! 

. Flexible Packages

Flexibility is another important factor you need to check before choosing any dedicated hosting service provider. 

What if your business starts growing and your server could not tackle your growing audience? 

Thus, make ensure that your hosting company can offer you any alternative for that. Of course, you don’t need to spend loads of money for greater bandwidth with just a few amounts of the audience.

This why hosting companies offer you packages that you can upgrade any time in future.

Further, before choosing any hosting company make a well-thought-out decision while keeping the following points in mind: 

  1. Daily and monthly website traffic expectation
  2. Your security criteria and budget 

Either you choose shared or dedicated server hosting, choose the best web hosting company in UK that offers you reliable services, excellent customer support, and immediate backup. To make sure you’re not left alone in your worst situations! 

03 Mar 2021