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Best Web Hosting Company: Features to Look for in Your Host

You’ve to walk through a long list in the preliminary stages of launching a new website. In that case, choosing the best hosting company stands out to be on top of this list.

Picking the best web hosting company is a must if you want your website to be secure, fast, and always online.

But the question remains still there, what features you should look for while choosing your hosting agency?

Choosing a hosting company is a make-or-break future decision. This means you need to pay close attention before shaking hands with any of the web hosts out there. Because if your chosen host could not satisfy your business needs, your investments in website development would ultimately burn to ashes.

So, keep reading because we have listed down the features you must not compromise while choosing a web hosting company.

Let’s start…

  1. Enjoys A Good Reputation
  2. Offers Affordable Prices
  3. Guarantees 99.9% Uptime Consistency
  4. Provides 24/7 Customer Support
  5. Offers Robust Speed
  6. Supports Migration and Easy Package Upgradation
  7. Prioritizes Server and Data Security
  8. Offers Plans with Ample Bandwidth
  9. Prioritizes Server and Data Security
  10. Offers Diverse Plans


1) Enjoys A Good Reputation

The reputation of your chosen web host matters. If a hosting company serves well, they would soon gain prominence and start enjoying a good reputation.

So, find out what their previous and current customers say about them.

Their customers might have also left reviews on their pages from where you can get a crystal-clear idea of their service quality.

Just as important, you can go for expert advice or find out what tech publications have published about them! For instance, if you’re looking for a hosting company in UK then check UK’s latest business/tech blogs or magazines right before choosing any agency!

Because being on the safer side is better than regretting afterwards!

2) Offers Affordable Prices

Web Hosting is a necessary purchase if you want to run a website.

But does this mean you should stick to expensive plans?


Remember, web hosting companies run billing cycles which means you have to pay on each occasion.

Don’t get trapped!

Do a thorough research and check the standard rate…

If you’re a starter, then paying less than $5 a month won’t be an issue for you. And, as soon as your business starts to stimulate more profit you can switch to compatible dedicated or VPS hosting anytime!

3) Guarantees 99.9% Uptime Consistency

Maybe you want to run a business website or an e-commerce store; in either case your website has to stay online for most of the time.

However, the hosting companies have to conduct frequent server maintenance sessions that may result in a temporary and short server downtime. But apart from these occasional issues, the best web hosting company would guarantee 99.9% server uptime.

Anyhow, if you fail to pick the right web host, your website’s performance can get affected greatly.


What if a hive of users try to reach your website and the server stops responding? Your website can not afford to remain offline when your users are searching for it.

The main job of the best web hosting company is to offer you an ideal percentage of uptime consistency.

Generally, hosting companies offer 99% uptime consistency. But the best agency goes one step further offering 99.9% uptime along with a money-back guarantee!

4) Offers 24/7 Customer Support

You need to dig deeper and find out about the reliability of your web host’s customer support. So that you are not left alone when you need them the most!

It’s a good sign if the hosting provider is ready to solve your queries via online chat, email tickets, and phone calls.

Choose the best web hosting company that offers support 24/7 even if you try to reach them on a public holiday or during the weekend.

5) Provides Robust Speed

For a business owner every millisecond matters!

If your website painfully struggles to load within 3 seconds, your customers would run away and they would never return. This is how the speed of your webpage decides the ratio of your traffic. Look how much loss this can bring you:

Your website should provide your customers with a sensational experience that urges them to visit again.


Before choosing any web host make sure they offer you powerful servers so that you can enjoy a smooth website performance and robust speed.

But, how can you check whether they offer excellent speed? Jump to the websites administered by your chosen hosting company and check how fast they load!

The robust speed of your website can bring you surprisingly more traffic that would more likely uplift your profit!

So better not to mess up and choose the best hosting company in UK because compromising on speed would mean risking your investments!

6) Supports Migration and Easy Package Upgradation

Not every website owner finds the ideal hosting agency. Some of you might have experienced low-quality hosting services which resulted into a mess!

Now what?

You need to switch your hosting company!

So, before choosing any agency never shy away to conduct meetings with their teams to get an idea of what you would get. Further, check if they can transfer your websites and help you change your hosting plans and packages easily.

You never know what’s coming. So, it’s better to get your hands on the right host!

7) Secure Digital Environment

Hackers are actively waiting for their prey on internet. Unfortunately, these data breaches have become a part of the modern-day internet.

This is why customers think twice before sharing their payment details or data on any website. And, 80% of the users abandon their transactions if they feel any insecurity.

To save yourself from this disaster you need check whether your chosen host equips you with highly secure servers or not!

Depending upon your business the best web hosting provides you a variety of security features along with additional add-ons i.e., firewalls, SSL certificates or any other security software…to help you protect your customer’s data.

8) Offers Plans with Ample Bandwidth

Ideally, your business would grow over time. And, you would start receiving an abundant number of users from UK and every corner of the world. With this plethora of audience, you need greater bandwidth else your website would hang.

This would shut down your services leaving you empty-handed.

Now you need an alternative…

Partner up with the best web hosting company to enjoy greater bandwidth!

9) Prioritizes Server and Data Security

Suppose, you’re working and suddenly the system accidently shuts down deleting all your data.! Worst of all? Your chosen webhost doesn’t have your website’s data backup.!

All your investments and months of hard work would burn down instantly!

Hold on…

The best web hosting company provides you full backup of your data no matter if you run a business in UK or elsewhere. So, do some digging and find out what back up policies they offer.

10) Offers Diverse Plans

While choosing a hosting company you would want the services to meet today’s requirements.

However, in the future, you might require greater bandwidth for your growing amount of audience and sometime you want to refresh or upload content on websites as well.

And if your hosting provider does not allow you to upgrade your plan then you have to go for a full-migration.

But what if you are offered an option to upgrade rather than migrate? Sounds like the best option!

Let’s suppose, any UK’s business owner is running an e-commerce website on a shared server then he can upgrade to dedicated hosting, VPS servers or another sever with greater bandwidth, once his website starts greeting more traffic.

If your chosen hosting company does not allow you to shift your server or offers you no diverse plans, then it's time to change your host and choose the best web hosting agency. Because they provide you a complete pack of solutions, including  domain registration, SSL certificates, dedicated servers, and much more under one umbrella.

You’re going to have a long-term relationship with your chosen host. Remember, the online success of your business depends upon it!

So, look carefully at all the features discussed above and make a well-thought-out decision to enjoy ideal services offered by the best web host company.

24 Feb 2021