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How to Become the Best Hosting Reseller in UK?

You might want to start a hosting business. Why not? Becoming a hosting reseller is incredibly productive, plus, you solely would remain the boss of everything. 


Starting a hosting business in 2021 is super-easy if you purchase the best reseller hosting plan in UK! 

So, buzz in and find out how you can trigger your own hosting services without a real struggle. 

1. Set Your Business Goals Beforehand 

Setting business goals is the very first step you need to pen down. Identify where you want to reach within a specific time period and budget. 

This would not only help you to step on the right track but would save the upcoming budget imbalances as well. Further, you could easily select a suitable hosting company in UK or wherever else you’re located as per your requirements, for this big start! 

2. Discover Your Target Audience 

Ready with your plan? Let’s hit it!

Hold on…

Have you pinpointed the targeted area or audience? If not, then discover your audience as soon as possible. 


Because running a business in a no-client zone means burning your investments into ashes! 

This is the second most important step you need to follow up before moving on. Since, you’re ready with your plan your target audience might be business starters or professionals, bloggers, web designers/developers, or any individual who wants to own a website. 

Narrowing down your target audience would make it easier for you to better reach your core customers. And for this follow the steps depicted in the image below

3. Don’t Forget to Inspect Your Competitors! 

Checking your competitors’ packages and their prices is crucial before designing your own packages. This would help you to analyze the pros and cons of your competitors’ services.


With this, you would have a clear idea of what your audience is seeking and which solutions you should offer them.

Plus, to drive more customers you can offer additional packages that your competitors are missing! 

Keep the following points in mind while rummaging through your competitors’ websites:

To survive in 2021’s chaotic business you really need to have a check-and-balance of your competitors else you might skip something important! 

4. Decide Your Brand’s Name

The brand name is the first thing people would notice. This means you need to conduct deep research for selecting your brand’s name. Well, first impression can really do wonders! 

There are several business owners out there and your company’s name should be potentially innovative that has the power to shine brightly within the chaos of businesses. 

Don’t forget, the brand name should be precise but unique and must reflect your area of expertise or niche.

5. Choose A Reseller Hosting company

This is the core of your strategic business plan as a web hosting reseller. Because your customers would be getting whatever your chosen web hosting company would offer.

This means you need to dig deeper and find out which hosting company is potentially perfect for you. 

Well, for that you need to checkmark all the crucial points listed below: 

  • Does your hosting company enjoy a good reputation? (Look at some reviews from their previous or existing clients)
  • Do they have complete control over their infrastructure and network centers? 
  • Do they offer flexible offers that could be customized in the future as well? 
  • Do you have the power to customize your hardware/software in a dedicated server? 
  • Do they have special reseller hosting offers? (make sure they offer you API interaction for control panel) 
  • Do they offer server with SSD or SATA disk drive in their reseller hosting plans? 
  • Do they prioritize reseller’s comfort and offer them special discounts? 
  • Would they help you to boost your revenues (per acquisition) in the coming future? 

Once you discover a company that provides all these features then without further ado partner up with the best reseller hosting provider.

Before it’s too late!

6. Select A Suitable Reseller Hosting Plan

Doing deeper research before choosing any reseller hosting plan is important to fulfill your customers’ and business requirements. You need to choose a perfect plan that would project excellent business growth.

After considering your budget and expectations of your target audience you can choose any cloud or dedicated server environment. With the best hosting plans you can boost your customer growth easily from UK to all around the globe with pre-installed software and powerful hardware.

7. Design Your Own Hosting Packages

Now, you need to focus on how your services and packages would stand out to be unique for your target customers. Make sure, you offer something valuable that would grant you competitive advantages. 

Consider these points before designing your own package:

  • What’re your customers’ expectations? 
  • What are your competitors offering?
  • What can be your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

After deep consideration of these points, you’re ready to design your own packages.

​​​​​​​8. Organize Your Own Support System 

The support system is the backbone of your communications with your customers. 

Which means…

You need to design a strong and full-time support system for your customers. This creates a positive brand image in the market

Right at this point, you probably need a control panel, automated billing, and ticketing. WHMCS is the leading application for smoothly handling billing and ticketing when it comes to web hosting.

For that, you may want to invest in the best reseller web hosting plan that has built-in WHMCS plugins. 

Within all this, don’t forget to provide your customers with on-the-spot live chat options. You can even provide your contact details so your customers can hit you up anytime!

​​​​​​​9. Specify Your Terms and Conditions 

Your organization’s progress might hang abruptly due to any menacing or illegal activity conducted by your customers. So, it’s best to play safe!

Define your terms of service and make sure your customers agree to it in order to avoid any mishap in the future. Because your investments are not worth risking at any cost! 

Setting up policies is not a tough trial as long as you design it with your chosen hosting company’s accordance. You can go through your hosting provider's terms and even contact them to make sure whether your terms and conditions sound good or not!

10. Ready to Bring Your Services Online?

Ready, set, and go! 

Now, you’re perfectly ready to set your business online. For that, you need to buy a domain name and build a website as soon as possible. 

Make sure your domain name is easy to remember, catchy, and must resonate with your business.  

Well, buying a domain name is crucial but it isn’t the only thing you need to start selling online.

Finding a good website development service is the next important step.

Look at the stats below:

Digital buyers are estimated to rise around 2.14 billion in 2021. Which means you can target a huge amount of audience with your website only!

Do remember, websites are for your customers which means they should be visually appealing, user-friendly and easy to navigate. With a business website, you can target your customers from any country.

For example, if you want to start a hosting business in UK then just your website can make sure your services hit every corner of the world including UK and many other countries. 

​​​​​​​11. Grab an SSL Certificate as Soon As Possible 

You won’t believe that 41% of the customers jump out of the websites if your web address begins with HTTP instead of HTTPS.

A number of reseller web hosting plans in UK or across the world come with a free SSL certificate as well. 

Perfect packages and SSL certificates along with so many incredible features! Sounds like a perfect reseller hosting package for starters! 

Importance of Choosing Best Reseller Hosting Plan in UK

Why you should go for the best reseller hosting

Well, choosing a reseller hosting plan means choosing the future of your business! 

So, it’s better not to mess up and risk your investments.

Research, analyze and then choose the agency that perfectly befits your requirements. Because the potentiality and services of your web host would decide whether your business would grow exponentially or fail! 

Thus, never forget the points listed below before choosing any web hosting service in UK (or anywhere else):

  • Look for reliable services 
  • Your host should guarantee 99.9% server uptime consistency 
  • Agencies with higher server-downtime should be sidelined 
  • Offers complete backup
  • Offers a reasonable amount of bandwidth 
  • Provides affordable plans  
  • Their servers are powered by SATA drives rather than SSD

If you’re willing to run a hosting business in UK or wherever else you’re located you can simply choose the best reseller hosting plans in UK rather than building your own company from the scratch.

This way, you would be saved from the endless and arduous management chaos.

Bonus point?

Choosing the best reseller demands no heavy budget, instead, you can trigger your business with a low-cost and effective plan.

16 Feb 2021