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Top 5 Tips to Creating an SEO-Friendly Domain Name

Choosing and registering a cheap domain name in UK, or wherever else you’re located, can help your website become easily accessible to the relevant audience.    


Keyword-rich domain names can help rank your site on the top of SERPs. Apart from that, it provides an instant idea of your services to the users and encourages them to click on your website. 

But, most of the beginners end up choosing the wrong domain name!

In this case, you’re more likely to alienate a steady stream of potential customers, drop your SEO rankings, and even worse… lose your revenues! 

Is this what you want? Of course, not! 

In this blog post we’re going to list down top tips for creating a heavy-hitting domain. 

So, let’s get into this… 

How to Create an SEO Friendly Domain Name? 

If you want to buy a cheap domain you need to come up with a name that depicts your niche and your business idea. 

Here are the top tips that can help you create one: 

  1. Add Your Niche’s Keywords
  2. Keep Your Domain Name Short
  3. Avoid Adding Dates
  4. Don’t Insert Symbols 
  5. Choose a Commonly Used TLD


1. Add Your Niche’s Keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important SEO practices. Without adding the right keywords to your website, your pages can never rank! 

Yes, that’s true! 

Users write different words/phrases for browsing different information. And, search engines only show the websites that have frequently inserted those particular keywords in their meta descriptions, title tags, blogs, alt tags, and most importantly in the domain names. 

This is why ranking without incorporating your target keywords is nearly impossible! 

But the question is, how to find the right keywords? 

That’s easy! 

Simply spy on your competitors with the help of different SEO tools i.e., Google Analytics, Ahrefs, etc. and learn the top-trending keywords. Along with that, you can also get loads of suggestions by just typing in a root word.

Once you have got your list, pick a keyword that’s short and easy-to-remember for using in your domain name.  

But, during all this, make sure you keep these two points in front of your mind: 

  • Use keywords that depict your agency’s entire idea 
  • Don’t overstuff your domain with keywords (only use 1-2)

For instance, if you own a clothing store in UK that sells apparel for women, men, and kids, you can create a domain name that has both the name of your brand and a keyword in it, such as {brand name} or {brand name}, etc.

2. Keep Your Domain Name Short

The rule of thumb is to choose a precise domain name. The shorter it is, the more your users would remember it and return to your website! 

Remember, the ideal length of a perfect domain name is just 6-14 characters.

Don’t believe us? Look at the image below:


This shows that longer domain names would ultimately drop your ranking! 

Hence, for every businessman, it’s important to choose a name that does not exceed the ideal character length. Else, buying a cheap domain in UK won’t do any good! 

Just avoid long sentences and stick with eye-catching short words.

3. Avoid Adding Dates

Adding dates only make the domain name longer and difficult to memorize.

Let’s take an example, for any company who wants to resell web hosting services, choosing a domain name i.e.,, sounds pretty complex. 

In contrast to this, using a relevant brand names i.e., “greenhost”, “hostingmaster”, etc. as domains can help the users easily memorize your URL. 

For this, you need to come up with a unique brand name! And, if you haven’t yet decided an attractive name for your organization, then better discover it right away! 

No matter, whether you’ve invested in e-commerce solution or a business website, make sure you add your brand’s name in the URL before buying a cheap domain name. 

Don’t forget, it is the very first impression of your website so don’t take it easy!


4. Don’t Insert Symbols

As mentioned earlier, ideal domain names should be short and free of ambiguous terms. And, adding irrelevant letters or symbols would only convert your URL into a confusing domain name. 

Even you can also forget the exact position of the symbols. So, how do you reckon your users would remember it? 

Thus, before buying a cheap domain in UK, make sure you choose a name that doesn’t contain:

  • Double letters 
  • Hyphens 
  • Exclamation mark, and
  • Other such symbols 

All done? Now you can easily buy a domain in just 5 steps! 

In case your ideal domain name is already taken, here’re some tips for you: 

  • Try adding a verb to your domain name, i.e.,, etc. 
  • Use a country-based TLD, such as if your business is UK-based, go for .uk,, etc.
  • Add personal pronouns, i.e., my, our, etc.
  • Use abbreviations instead of using long forms


5. Choose a Famous TLD

While buying a cheap domain name, you need to select an extension as well. 

There’re tons of TLDs you can choose from, such as .com, .gov, .edu, etc. However, it is highly advised to get the .com domain. 

That’s because: 

  • .com extensions are more popular among users 
  • It adds credibility to your website 
  • This TLD would encourage others to link your site 
  • Searchers type .com by default on search engines

Still, if you have any doubts, look at the image below: 

You see the potential?

.com TLDs cannot only help you appear trustworthy in front of your audience but also boost your ranking! 


Pro-Tip: Buy Cheap Domain in UK from a Reliable Hosting Company! 

When it comes to buying your chosen domain name, you would find a plethora of domain registrars out there. 

Most of these agencies offer domain names at extremely high rates. And, for newbies who haven’t yet established their business, spending a fortune on just domain registration is not a good idea. 

So what should you do?

Well, in this case, a web host can help! They offer you cheap domain along with their hosting services! The best part is that you can get a free SSL certificate as well! 

To be precise, for running a website you would have to learn different HTML codes, complex coding, and much more. In fact, you need to conduct regular scanning and backups as well. All of this might deviate your focus from your business’s progress, hence, hurting your organization's performance. 

So, why don’t you just hire the best hosting company in UK? Because they manage everything in one go!  

Not, only you would be free of management chaos but also you’ll get a cheap domain name and many other add-ons. 

However, if you don’t look out for 5 mistakes while choosing a web host, you might hand over your business to the spammers. So, watch yourself and find out an ideal web hosting agency for buying your perfect domain. 


Choosing your own domain name is not as easy as it sounds. You’ve got to conduct keyword research, find a catchy phrase, optimize your name and then buy a cheap domain in UK. However, if you consider all the tips and practices that we’ve discussed above, you can easily come up with an SEO-friendly name.

Keep in mind, your domain is for your users. And, broadly speaking if your audience is unable to remember it, then it’s of no use! So, choose the one that can be easily memorized and typed on search engines. 

Because it’s not just a name but also your brand’s identity! 

08 Jun 2021