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How to Get a Free Domain Name? Step-by-Step Guide

Taking your business online is a great way to enhance your profits and improve your brand identity. And, to get this done you need to register a domain name!

Domain name registration builds your professional credibility and helps your organization stand out in the overwhelming cyberspace. And if you want to get a free domain name in just a few clicks, then don’t stop reading! 

In this post, we have provided a guide to help you get a free domain. Not to worry, if you’re not tech-savvy! Just follow the steps and you would get your domain name easily! 

So, let’s get into this… 

How to Win a Free Domain Name? 

A good domain name has the power to attract customers! Ideally, you would want to have a domain name that depicts your niche and builds your brand. With the best web hosting company, you can grab your desired domain name for free. This is one of the prime reasons of why you should choose a quality web host

This is how you can easily get a free domain name: 

1. Go to Your Chosen Web Host’s Website 

First of all, you need to go to your chosen web host’s website. 


Click on web Hosting on the menu bar. 


Why click on hosting for getting a domain name? There must be a domain button as well on the bar.

Yes, but if any user clicks on Domains he would get into the entire purchasing procedure where you have to pay for whatever domain you want to get.

Remember, you’re going for a free domain name, and for this, you’ve to select a hosting server. 

Once you have clicked on Hosting, you need to choose your hosting types before heading towards the plans. 

2. Select Your Hosting Type

Different web hosting companies offer a variety of hosting types. The most common types are:

  1. Shared hosting 

If you’re a beginner, then shared hosting sounds like a good option for you. 

The plans under this category are cheap and are perfect for handling low traffic. It allows many websites to share the same server but, in the meantime, it can also cause performance and loading time issues. 

Shared hosting is highly recommended to the newbies who lack technical knowledge and have not started receiving a huge amount of audience. 

But once your site starts to grow you can shift to the premium hosting types. 

  1. VPS Hosting 

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting offers plans to websites that want to enjoy better loading speed and greater bandwidth. 

This type of hosting is a combination of both shared and dedicated hosting where you have to share resources with the other websites but still, you can have your virtual server. VPS hosting is lower in cost as compared to dedicated hosting and provides better security, more space, and higher bandwidth than shared hosting. 

You can go for this hosting type if you expect some sudden rise in your traffic. 

  1. Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting is for those who want an exclusive access to the server that is solely devoted to their website alone! 

With dedicated hosting, you can enjoy excellent loading time and far greater bandwidth but everything at premium prices. 


If you just have a handful of an audience that can be easily tackled on smaller bandwidths, then paying a higher price for dedicated hosting is not a smart move. However, this type is recommended to those who own a huge business and have to handle oodles of users on a daily basis.  

3. Choose Your Plan 

Ready with your hosting type? 

Once you’ve selected on your hosting type, your web host would take you to the hosting plans page. Depending upon your business needs and requirements you can choose any of the offers. 

But, make sure they do offer a free domain name with all their services. Further, if you’re with the a cheapest domain registration company you can also get a free SSL certificate to enhance the security of your website. 

To proceed with your order, click on Order Now

4. Register Your Domain Name 

Now, you’re just one step away from getting your free domain from the cheapest domain registration company! 

Once you’ve selected your plan, your host would ask you to set up your domain name. First decide your domain name and then check its availability on an online domain checker. Make sure your domain name is clear and easy-to-remember.

But if you already have a domain name you can also use it. Else, create a new one, for this write your chosen name in the search box and choose any extension. Here’re are the most popular domain TLDs:

  • .com 
  • .net
  • .org
  • .biz
  • .pk
  • .org
  • .info 
  • .uk

With 137 million registrations, it is highly advised to go for .com domains. It adds credibility to your brand and helps you appear more trustworthy in front of your users. 

In case, the domain name you wanted is not available then instead of changing the entire name you can add some letters or change the extension. Try to use an extension that depicts your area. For instance, if you’re running a website in UK then use

5. Confirm the Deal 

After you’ve decided your domain name and extension, all that you need to do is create your account and finalize the terms and conditions. Pay close attention to their privacy policy and protection policies. 

And then click confirm

That’s it! 

How to Find the Cheapest Domain Registration Company in UK? 

With so many of the domain providers, choosing your perfect fit is a daunting task! 

You’ve to waste a lot of time wandering around and checking reviews to find a domain provider that won’t disappoint you.  


What if you can save your precious time and still find an ideal domain provider with just a few tips? 

Sounds great, right? 

So, let’s talk about some features that you need to consider while hunting for the cheapest domain registration company in UK or wherever else you’re located. 

There’re many things to look for in a domain registration company. Among them are the characteristics listed below:

  • Reliable and trustworthy 
  • Provides exemplary customer support 
  • Offers trial or domain testing 
  • Provides SSL certificates 
  • Offers affordable packages and plans 

If your domain registration company is not enriched with the following features… 

Then you better know the drills! 


If you want a free domain name, then partner up with the best web hosting company or find a cheapest domain registration company in UK

After that, take help from this guide and get yourself a free domain! 

06 Apr 2021