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Look Out for These 5 Mistakes When Choosing a Web Host!

Building an online presence is not easy! 

You’ve got to consider so many things, from building a website to marketing, implementing SEO to generating blacklining, and so on. Yet choosing the best business hosting provider in UK rests on top of the task list. 

Thousands of web hosts are selling their services out there, each with entirely different packages. Hence, making it difficult for the marketers to make the right decision. 

To ensure that your website receives leads, it’s important to choose a reliable and fast web hosting company. Else, your site would be left with a poor rate of conversions and probably zero profits! Thus, it’s important to make a well-thought-out decision and avoid certain mistakes. 

Read on to find out which blunders you should avoid when choosing a web host. 

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Business Hosting Provider

No matter, you’re a newbie or an experienced entrepreneur, partnering up with the bad business hosting provider in UK can turn out to be a huge disaster. As your website might suffer from frequent downtime, security threats, and much more. 

To help you make the right decision, here’re the 5 common pitfalls you ought to avoid when choosing a web host: 

  1. Ignoring Your Host’s Industrial Reputation
  2. Getting the Wrong Type of Hosting Plan 
  3. Buying Unreliable Services
  4. Going for Free Hosting Services 
  5. Not Checking Out the Customer Support Quality


1. Ignoring Your Host’s Industrial Reputation

The best business hosting provider in UK can help you elevate your site’s ranking and leads. On the other hand, poor web hosts can do the opposite! 

To be precise, bad hosts don’t offer you a money-back guarantee, 24/7 technical support, and not even 99.9% uptime consistency. This gets your website offline every now and then.

In case, you haven’t realized this already, the best web hosting company offers 99.9% uptime. This means your site stays online all day, all night, all year. In fact, in case something happens, they would even turn on a backup server. 

That’s how much investing in the right hosting company matters!

But, how would you know that your chosen host’s services are up to the mark? One of the best ways is to check out their customer reviews and see whether their clients are happy with their services or not. Jump onto their websites and look for: 

  • Complaint’s about security and customer services 
  • Issues with slow loading times 
  • Excessive downtime problems etc. 

If you discover customers talking about these issues, then it’s not a good sign! 

Apart from that, consider getting some expert tips or a technical person’s point of view. Their experience won’t guide you in the wrong direction and you would easily get to know how your chosen host is performing in the market.

You might fall into a quagmire if you don’t pay attention to this step. And that’s why we recommend some deep digging before signing the contract. 


2. Getting the Wrong Type of Hosting Plan

There’re so many things other than industrial reputation that you need to consider. Like, which type of hosting package is suitable for your business? To figure out which is your ideal web hosting plan, you need to carefully consider with your business needs and requirements. Once you’re done you can easily choose the right plan. 

Getting the wrong hosting plan can directly affect the performance of your website/s. Which means you need to be super-careful before choosing any package. Hosting companies offer a variety of servers for different business types. Here’re a few standard options for you: 

  • Shared hosting: This type is recommended for the starters. Where website owners share a single server with each other and get limited bandwidth, small server space, etc., which is often enough to manage a small business.
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS): Once your company starts to grow, you would want more space to tackle new visitors and a rock-solid security to protect your business data. This is where VPS servers can help you out. Here, you can get more control over different resources and independently manage your business on virtual servers. 
  • Dedicated Hosting: If you know how to run complex programs and codes, then dedicated hosting is best for you! This independent server offers much greater disk space and better security. 
  • WordPress hosting: This is best suited for those who already have a website up and running on WordPress. The users enjoy all the services that are specifically optimized for this platform. This is one of the best reasons why you should invest in WordPress hosting

It’s not just the server type that matters. You also need to focus on different add-ons that your site needs i.e., an SSL certificatedomain registration, etc. Be aware of all the features you require before you pick up any plan. Fortunately, with the best business hosting provider in UK, you can easily upgrade your web hosting plan in case your website starts growing rapidly.


3. Buying Unreliable Services

Now, you’re familiar with the importance of choosing the right hosting plan and how it can impact your site’s performance. But, all of this won’t matter if you choose a web host that doesn’t offer free trials or a refund guarantee. 

What if you could not work out with your hosting company and feel the need to migrate? And, then your chosen host simply asks you to depart without refunding your money! 

With so many hosting features, it’s is indeed possible that you may accidentally choose the wrong package that doesn’t befit your website’s type. As soon as you realize your mistake, a good hosting company would refund your money. 

Free trials and refunding policies provide you a detailed performance report of your host, that includes:  

  • Their level of expertise and how their team tackles technical issues 
  • Reliability and scalability of their services 
  • Page loading times 
  • Responsive customer support 

Go for the best business hosting provider in UK that offers free trials. Along with this, check their refund policy to have a clear idea of their terms and conditions. For instance, some of the companies offer a money-back guarantee in certain conditions.


4. Going for Free Hosting Services

One of the biggest mistakes that website owners tend to commit is getting free web hosting services. Remember, you only get what you pay for! 

Getting a free hosting plan seems a lucrative deal at first sight. As a matter of fact, it is a good option for personal blogs only. But for the business owners, it’s just an utter disaster! 

Free hosting services come along with a plethora of pop-up ads which might drive your audience’s attention away from your services. Ultimately, annoying the users and making them bounce out of your site! 

Further, free hosts usually offer shared servers where your website’s security can be jeopardized. For hackers and data breaches stealing a company’s data through shared servers becomes super-easy. Another drawback is that they don’t offer an SSL certificate that is a must-have for better security. Have a glimpse at the image below and see how SSL protects your data through encryption:

Without an SSL certificate, hackers can easily steal your data!

Apart from that, free web hosts put strict bandwidth and page limitations that can penalize your site’s growth.

Do you really think that your site should suffer this much?

Of course not! So, don’t overlook the importance of hiring the best business hosting provider in UK. Not only do they offer unlimited bandwidth but also additional services i.e., malware scans, etc. Well, with so many incredible features, investing in a quality web host is worth it


5. Not Checking the Customer Support Quality

Every single web hosting company in this world claims 24/7 technical support. Sadly, this has just become a sale-on technique that is frequently used by poor web hosting companies just to trap you!  

Throughout your online journey, there are fair chances that you would be contacting your chosen host for different issues. In case, your host won’t help you out you’ll end up wrestling with problems all alone. 

You cannot trust blindly in all the UK-based business hosting agencies, therefore, test out your chosen host’s customer services yourself, rather than relying on their so-called guarantees. Here’re some tips for you: 

  • Ask them technical questions via online chat to see how long it takes from them to respond 
  • Send them emails and check how much serious they’re to solve your issues
  • To ensure that they can help you anytime, make calls at different hours of both day and night 

Whether you’re running an e-store or any other website, the best business hosting provider in UK with a strong support system is all you need. But, if they’re not able to prove exemplary customer support, it’s a good idea to spend your investments elsewhere. 


After walking through the steps to building a successful business website, it’s important to look after web hosting. Remember, choosing a host is a make-or-break future decision. Thus, avoid all the mistakes discussed above before hiring any host! Because your business should not be handed over to the spammers! 

So, what’re you waiting for? Choose the best business hosting provider in UK and let them manage your website for better sales.  

11 May 2021