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Warning: Free WordPress Hosting Can Hurt Your Business!

No matter whether you’re a starter or a business tycoon, you have to partner up with the best WordPress hosting in UK or wherever else you’re located.

That’s because free WordPress hosting can drive disastrous results!

At first, this deal might sound like a good idea but as soon as you move on, your free host starts to surprise you with tons of hidden charges. Not only this, but your site also undergoes certain vulnerabilities such as frequent downtime, slow loading speed, etc. Ultimately, dropping your rate of conversions and sales!

To put it simply, with free WordPress hosting, your business would be at risk! Read on to find out how a free host can adversely affect both your sales and site’s security.

How Can Free WordPress Hosting Destroy Your Business? 

You talk about dedicated hosting, or WordPress hosting, free packages are a dream that actually turns into a nightmare in reality. Such hosts usually don’t invest in a good server and keep on running your business on outdated software and hardware. Due to which your website suffers a lot and fails to drive your coveted sales.

Here is how free WordPress hosting can hurt your business in 5 different ways:

  1. Surprising Charges Can Ruin Your Budget
  2. Bad Support System Is a Real Problem
  3. Site’s Security Can Be Easily Compromised
  4. Website’s Performance Really Matters!
  5. Poor cPanel Navigation Can be A Huge Hassle


1. Surprising Charges Can Ruin Your Budget

The idea of free WordPress hosting is usually loved by all, but the results can be devastating! 

After building a free website on WordPress why not have a free hosting package? But, ask yourself this: ‘would you really be able to get reliable web hosting services for free?’. 

WordPress hosting requires strong servers, greater bandwidth, etc. Unfortunately, not all the free services can offer you this level of the digital environment. However, the only reason behind their free plans is to attract you towards their paid packages.

Within no time, they start adding strict limitations and surprising fees for further upgrades. This can penalize your site’s performance and even leave you broke! 

Thus, only choose the best WordPress hosting in UK to maintain your budget and run your business smoothly. They offer you affordable hosting packages along with tons of additional services i.e., unlimited e-mail accounts, free domain name, etc.

2. Bad Support System is A Real Problem

We cannot predict accidents! 

A website running at an incredible rate might crash abruptly in the next second due to sudden traffic spikes or server shut down. In this case, every business owner would contact his host without wasting a single second. 

But, if you don’t get the best WordPress hosting in UK and keep on running behind the free services, you’re more likely to be left alone in such critical situations. Even if you leave your host an email or sent them an instant message, they won’t respond for ages! 

Remember, only the ideal host can offer you 24/7 customer support round the year. With their services, your website won’t be left offline and any problem would be fixed right away! This is why you should invest in quality WordPress hosting.


3. Site’s Security Can Be Easily Compromised

You know what reinforces your customers’ purchase decision? 

A powerful and secure website! 

Remember, running your business in a secure environment is as important as website development is for an online presence! You don’t optimize your site for better security and you would start dropping your profits! 

Now, let’s talk about how free hosting services can jeopardize your site’s security. Free hosts use poor firewalls and bad security measures that cannot survive external attacks. Further, they arrive with the following disadvantages:  

  • Hackers can easily locate loopholes and attack free hosts
  • Data is not encrypted during transactions 
  • Both of your customers’ and your personal data can be stolen at any second! 
  • Ruins your brand’s reputation
  • Winning customers’ hearts becomes impossible!

As compared to the free services, the best WordPress hosting in UK would offer you an SSL certificate, the latest firewalls, and other security features so you can run your business without any fear of being attacked.

Thus, it's best for you to stay away from free WordPress hosting and follow the tips to improve your site’s security, no matter whether you’re planning to run a business website or an e-commerce store

4. Website’s Performance Really Matters!

Did you know that Google uses page speed as an important ranking factor? Well, that’s true!

Apart from that, the first 3 seconds of your site’s loading time decides whether the user would stay there or not. Sadly, if a website painfully struggles to load within this critical time frame, people would bounce away and Google would automatically drop the site’s ranking! 

Isn’t that what you’re trying to avoid? So, why risk it with free WordPress hosting? 

Let’s get this straight. In this ever-evolving digital world, the speed of your website really matters for both mobiles and desktops. Else, you would drop your rate of conversion, lead to poor user engagement and miserably fail to drive sales. 

Have a glimpse at the image below and see how much loading speed matters:

The bad news is that; you cannot enjoy blazing fast speed with free WordPress hosting. They usually run sites on shared servers where it takes a lot of time to load web pages for you.

Thus, get the best WordPress hosting in UK because not only they can help you improve your rate of conversion, but also, offers you the latest drives, top-notch servers, and unlimited bandwidth to make sure your site loads at an incredible rate.

Apart from that, don’t forget to follow the tips given below to improve your site’s speed: 

  • Install latest plugins/themes from trusted resources
  • To measure the performance of your site, download WP rocker, WP Super Cache, etc.
  • Don’t overload your server with plugins 
  • Reduce the size of your images 
  • Turn on Cashe for your return visitors 
  • Remove poor plugins


5. Poor cPanel Navigation Can be a Huge Hassle

cPanel navigation is super-important for the website owners. Most of the hosting companies offer this software for free along with their services.

As it has become the most popular website tool, having easy navigation to cPanel sounds mandatory!

The point is that a difficult-to-navigate cPanel might get you frustrated no matter you’ve paid for it or not. Which is usually the case with free WordPress hosting.

The best WordPress hosting in UK makes it easy for you to run a website with cPanel without having you to hire full-time technicians. You can simply jump into the dashboard to manage your domain name, emails, backups, CMS, database, and much more with just a few clicks.


What Type of Websites Can Use Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Now, that you’re familiar with the importance of having a better WordPress host for business instead of a free one, so let’s talk about the situations where free hosting can make sense.  

For serious entrepreneurs, going for free WordPress hosting can turn out to be a disaster in the coming future (as we’ve discussed above).

However, for sites like experimental websites, choosing free hosts make sense. It won’t matter if your site could not load fast because there is nothing important in it.


Choosing a web host is a long-term contract, thus, to save yourself from falling into the hands of spammers, consider important factors before partnering up with any WordPress host. And, then find the best one that fulfills your requirements.

Still, if you haven’t decided to get the best WordPress hosting in UK, then don’t waste your time and get your perfect fit right away! Because your business should not suffer in any case!

18 May 2021