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Your Ultimate Guide to Blog Hosting

In this modern age, expressing your ideas, feelings, and thoughts through the internet has become easier than ever before. Simply, you’ve got to set your website up and running!

And, to manage your online presence like a pro, you need to hire a top hosting provider in UK or wherever else you’re located. 

Of course, you can run your site on your own but that would require a great deal of effort, such as learning the basics of HTML codes, CSS, antiviruses, etc. But, if you partner up with an ideal host, you’ll be free from this headache! 

That’s because your host would administer everything. From conducting regular scans to optimizing the site’s speed for better user experience, and so on.

Read on to find out more about blog hosting… 

Why Choose the Best Web Host for Your Blog? 

If your site fails to provide a sensational user experience to your audience, then probably no one would stay on your blog page. This is why hiring a reliable web host is important. 

Web hosting providers rent you server space and make your website accessible to your audience.

To get this straight, have a look at the image below: 


This is how the top hosting providers in UK and all around the world connect you with your audience.

Now you know what web hosting is, so let’s talk about how to find your perfect web host. 


How to Find the Top Hosting Provider in UK?

With so many hosting companies offering a variety of services, finding your ideal fit sounds like an overwhelming task. But, is it so? 

Well, if you start your journey without a deep research, then indeed you would struggle hard and end up hiring the wrong web hosting provider!

Hiring a poor host can transform into a huge mess in the future. Because such hosts love to surprise you with additional charges, increased server downtime, and other such things that may severely affect your site’s performance. 

Remember, a slow-loading website can never build a loyal fan base! Hence, find a web hosting company that values their customers, provides excellent services, and is ready to serve you 24/7 with a 99.9% uptime consistency.

But, how can you discover your ideal host?

To find the top hosting provider in UK, you need to carefully walk through all these steps:

1. Understand Your Website’s Needs 

First of all, you need ask yourself:

  • What kind of blog page do you want to set up?
  • Do you want to target the users of one specific area or different regions? 
  • How many visitors do you expect? etc. 

These questions are important to consider while choosing a hosting company. That’s because some companies offer services for a particular field or area. In addition to this, they provide some special tools or resources that might be a great fit for other websites but not for you. 

Determining your requirements beforehand would make it easier for you to find the top hosting provider in UK that fulfills your needs. 

2. Check Important Features of Web Host

Once you’re done with the above step, you need to find a web host for your blog.

Every web hosting company guarantees to deliver top-notch services but sadly most of them are just spammers, you don’t get what you’re promised!

To check whether a hosting company can deliver top services, you need to find the answers of: 

  • Can they offer 99,9% uptime consistency?
  • Do they have a backup server or not? 
  • Is their client’s portfolio enriched with positive reviews? 
  • Can they offer SEO tools or SEO features to boost your ranking? 
  • Do they offer unlimited bandwidth? 
  • What security measures do they’ve in place? 
  • Are their plans flexible and based on standard pricing?
  • Do they conduct regular backups and security scans? 
  • Can they provide 24/7 customer support for 356 days?  
  • Do they have cPanel as a part of their web hosting packages? 

Do some digging and find out how your chosen host is performing and don’t forget to check all the above features that every top hosting provider must have. Moreover, try to get experts’ advice and read different blogs reviewing your host’s services. This would provide you with a clear idea of what you’ll get. 

Pro-tip: To make sure whether your chosen web host guarantees full-time customer support, hit them up during different hours of the day and night. If they fail to send an instant response, then better invest elsewhere!


3. Know the Server Type You Want

Once you’ve got your website developed and found your ideal host, you need to choose an appropriate hosting plan that suits your budget and requirements. UK’s top hosting providers offer a variety of servers from which you can select any as per your needs and expected audience. 

 Here’re the types of servers you can choose from: 

  • Shared Server Hosting: This type is highly recommended to beginners who have not started receiving too many clicks. These servers are surprisingly cheap as users are bound to share resources with other website owners.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: Unlike, shared hosting, VPS hosting allows bloggers to access independent resources on a virtual server with multiple other users. You don’t get to have your website a server all to itself but still, you can run everything in complete isolation. 
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: Bloggers who have server expertise can get a dedicated server. Here you get full root and admin access. Further, websites that run on this server are generally more secure and fast. 
  • WordPress Hosting: This type of hosting is specifically designed for WordPress users. With WordPress hosting, bloggers can easily draft their content, manage website pages, and much more.

After deciding the type of server, you need to select a hosting package. Usually, all the top hosting providers in UK offer three plans: basic, standard, and premium. For beginners, choosing the basic package sounds like a good deal and soon after their blog starts receiving tons of audience, they can easily jump to the next premium plans. 

Apart from just hosting services, you also need to make sure your host can offer your different additional services to manage everything in one go. Such as domain registration, free SaaS drives, firewall software, unlimited e-mail accounts, SSL certificate, etc.

Here is an example of all-in-one packages:

The plans depicted in the above image offer everything that your blog needs, hence making them a perfect option for your website.

4. Stay Away from Free Hosting Services

Finally, you’re ready to bring your website online. You’ve figured out what you need and what type of hosting company can fulfill your requirements. During your research, you would come across some web hosts that offer free hosting services.  

This option sounds lucrative at first sight but soon after signing the contract it would turn out to be a huge mistake! 

Picture this, you are working on your website and due to a sudden server shutdown, you accidentally lose important data. What is worse, your chosen host has got nothing to help you get back your data. Isn’t it a disaster? 

Unlike, top web hosting providers in UK, free web hosts usually manage websites on cheap and low-quality servers where such accidents are more likely to occur. 

Apart from that, they come around with the following disadvantages: 

  • Free web hosts stick ads on top of your blog page that has an immensely negative impact on reader engagement and may annoy your audience  
  • You can’t expand your website because of the disk space limitations
  • Users don’t get to enjoy the latest plugins and software 
  • Due to bandwidth restrictions, your site might get offline frequently 
  • They don’t hire experts to manage technical errors and offers bad customer support
  • Their poor security system increases the risk of malicious attacks 

However, for the bloggers who just want to test their website, going for free hosting won’t do any damage. 

But, for serious bloggers, getting paid services are worth it! Here you would have greater power to monetarize and customize your own blog page. Over time you can also start adding ads to your page and generate a huge amount of income! 

Don’t you think that investing in top hosting providers in UK is worth it? 


Remember, making the right choice is much more important than just hiring a web host. Thus, make a well-thought-out decision and find the one that can really help you run your blog smoothly for the next decades. But, don’t forget to look out for these 5 mistakes when choosing the top hosting provider

25 May 2021