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3 Types of Hosting Packages for Limited Budget Websites

Website owners usually believe that hiring a web host means spending a fortune. But, this isn’t true! To be precise, hosting is important indeed but starting off a website with an affordable plan can work fine enough.

But, the question is, how would you know which plan is best for limited-budget websites? Whether you should go with a fast SSD WordPress hosting package or a shared hosting plan?

Fortunately, you’ve landed on the right platform. Here we are going to discuss different hosting options you can choose for your website even if you have a tight budget.  

So, let’s start…

3 Top Most Affordable Web Hosting Plans

After website development, you need to figure out which hosting package can work for your site. 

And for this, every website owner has to have some basic knowledge of different servers. No matter, whether you want to get fast SSD WordPress hosting or VPS hosting, understanding their specifications is important. So, let’s discuss each of the hosting types in detail.

Here’re the 3 types of web hosting you can choose from: 


1. Shared Web Hosting

Hosting providers rent out server space in order to host sites on the internet. For this, they allow the website owners to buy an entire server or share space of a single server with other website owners.

Shared hosting, as its name indicates, is basically a server where you have to share RAM, disk space, HTML files, etc. with multiple other website owners. 

This type of hosting is considered one of the cheapest and economical options, as it doesn’t require individual technical frameworks for every website. Not to mention, setting up a server system demands a huge amount of investment.

Hence, web hosts don’t set high price points for resources that are being shared among the plethora of users. 

As you dig deeper, you’ll discover loads of shared hosting packages with a limited amount of bandwidth and different features. Depending upon your website’s requirements you can choose any package that suits you best.

For the website owners who haven’t started receiving tons of clicks, getting this package sounds like a perfect deal. Because you don’t have to pay for the features that are not required at the initial stages. 

But, as soon as new users start to reach your website, staying on a shared server would transform into a huge hassle! You won’t be provided with unlimited bandwidth to tackle your traffic spikes. As a result, your website might crash abruptly! 

Security is another major downfall with shared hosting. Because you never know who you’re sharing server space with! And, hackers can easily reach your website if another website’s security (one hosted on the same server) is compromised. 

Once you start building a strong customer base, you would want to make sure your client’s data remains out of the reach of data breaches.  

So, what’s the solution? 


2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Once your site starts to flourish and your sales increase rapidly, you need more space and new features to manage everything smoothly in a secure environment.  

This is where VPS hosting comes into play! 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, allows you to get an independent operating system on the same server. This provides freedom to install different plugins and software of your choice. With VPS hosting, you can get access to different resources that are solely dedicated to your site. All of these factors when combined together, reduce the chances of malicious attacks, and your sensitive data remains protected. 

When is the right time for upgrading to VPS hosting from shared hosting? Below are some points that can help you make the right decision. 

Here is when to get VPS hosting:

  • Once you start receiving more than 100 visitors per day
  • Soon after you begin to notice increased bounce rate due to slow web speed and higher downtime
  • When you want to have full administrative root access
  • Your website painfully struggles to load
  • You are willing to install antiviruses and firewalls of your own choice

Whether you want to run a business website or an e-commerce store, getting VPS hosting sounds great if you want to keep your site performing at an incredible speed. 

Coming towards the packages, here again, you would be offered different options enriched with many add-ons. The plus point is that you can get tons of new features that shared packages usually don’t offer, i.e., IP address, cPanel, anti-DDoS, etc. However, the price of the plans would vary depending upon the amount of bandwidth, RAM, etc. 

The best web hosting companies go beyond this and offer free domain registration as well! Isn’t it amazing?


3. Fast SSD WordPress Hosting

How about hiring a hosting package without the headache of server management? 

Sounds great, right? 

But how is this possible?

Well, with fast SSD WordPress hosting, you don’t have to think about your server maintenance instead your focus solely remains on your website’s growth. 

This type of hosting offers specific services to WordPress sites. From its incredible features to server structure, and from plugins to different software, every single thing is optimized for WordPress. 

In other words, it provides everything a WordPress site needs. Just as the packages shown in the image below: 

Plus, with fast SSD WordPress hosting you can easily access your site and upload as much content as you want.

Moreover, the clean interference and automatic updates (I.e., PHP, plugin updates, etc.) make it super-easy to run your website on fast SSD WordPress hosting! This is one of the major reasons why you should invest in WordPress hosting

Generally, these plans start from basic and further move to standard and premium packages. You can take a start from basic and then jump on to the next deals depending upon your visitors. 

If you already have a website up and running with a plethora of audiences, then choosing premium bundles with greater bandwidth and more emails would be a good option. Whatever packages you are looking forward to choosing, just avoid free services and only choose the best web hosting provider if you wish to grow your business online

Because free WordPress hosting can really hurt your business

To sum it up, even websites with a low budget can enjoy great web hosting services. All you need to do is choose the right web hosting plan as per your website’s requirements. Fast SSD WordPress hosting can really be the perfect pick for any beginner who aims at growing their website. Once you start receiving heavy traffic, it’s incredibly easy to upgrade to a premium WordPress hosting plan.

However, be super-careful and avoid all the mistakes before partnering up with any host! Because your business is worth not handing over to the spammers! 

01 Jun 2021