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Top Tips to Improve Your Website’s Security

If you’re running an online business, then probably website security is one of your major concerns. 

When a marketer brings his business online, the data of his organization is exposed to a certain level of risk. The hackers and bad guys can arrive from nowhere and steal your sensitive data anytime! 


Does this mean that you cannot stay safe in this overwhelming digital arena? Well, no! 

It is advised to get the UK’s best web hosting services to enjoy highly secure servers and run your website in a protective environment. Apart from that, you need to follow the basic tips and practices to improve your web page's security.

Read on to find out which techniques you can imply to safeguard your webpage right now! 

Top 6 Tips to Secure Your Website

No matter you run an e-commerce website or a plain and simple business website, your site’s security should not be compromised in any case. 

Because one single mishap can burn down your years of investment and hard work into ashes! 

So, here’re some basic techniques that you can imply to protect your website: 

  1. Stick with Strong Admin Passwords 
  2. Grab an SSL Certificate 
  3. Install Web Application Software (WAF) 
  4. Never Ignore Regular Data Backups! 
  5. Perform Website Security Scans 
  6. Restrict File Permissions and Admin Logins 


1. Stick with Strong Admin Passwords

With so many accounts, programs, and databases, keeping a track of all the passwords is a tough call. This is why a lot of people prefer to use easy passwords or end up using the same security code in all places. 

This is a huge security blunder! 

Have you ever heard of the brute force attack technique? If yes, then you might be having a clear idea of how the automated software can create a plethora of consecutive guesses. And, if your password is easy then sure enough it would be generated by this software! 

This is why you need to have strong and complex passwords that are easy for you to remember and difficult to hack. 

Here’re a few tips for you to creating a strong password: 

  • Avoid common character and names 
  • Never use a person or place’s name 
  • Use ambiguous combination of words, numbers and symbols 
  • Stick with long passwords 
  • Update your passwords frequently 


2. Grab an SSL Certificate

If you want to take your website’s security to the next level, then get an SSL certificate. This allows the website’s data such as login credentials, credit card numbers, etc. to be transmitted securely. 

SSL encrypts the data and prevents bad guys from reading it. In case, your data falls in the hands of hackers, there would just be a mess of encrypted characters left for them.

Look at the image below and see how easy it is for a hacker to read unencrypted data:


An SSL certificate also helps your website to appear trustworthy in front of your audience. The HTTPS protocol signals that you are serious about protecting your customer’s data and their transmissions. This is another major reason why you should get an SSL certificate.

Key takeaway: With UK’s best web hosting services you can grab a free SSL certificate along with tons of hosting benefits. So, find your ideal fit and make sure your chosen agency is enriched with all the essential features that a web host must-have


3. Install Web Application Software (WAF)

After getting UK’s best web hosting services you would want to make sure that the hackers don’t jump into your website and steal your data. And, for that, you need to set a strong security system by installing software like WAF.

Hackers usually snatch your sensitive information to either sell it to third parties or blackmail you for its return. And you know what? Hackers are attacking their prey after every 39 seconds!

WAF blocks malicious web traffic and prevents menacing cyberattacks with the help of SQL injections, file inclusions, and cross-site scripting (XSS). 

Just like shop owners get the best security guards and technical set-up, WAF software is also your virtual store’s guardian. Well, this means installing WAF should rest on top of your priority list if you’re serious about protecting your data.

Indeed, security maintenance is a daunting task but if you get UK’s best web hosting services you can save yourself from these never-ending installations. 


4. Never Ignore Regular Data Backups!

In worst-case scenarios, you might lose your data to hackers. Not a single business owner wants to convert this nightmare into a reality! 

This is why you need to have good backup solutions. Make sure you conduct monthly backups and it's best if you can go for regular weekly ones. 

Here are some smart tips for you: 

  • Try not to save your website’s information online 
  • Avoid saving your data backups on the same server of your website 
  • Get a hard disk or an off-site place to store your data
  • Utilize cloud storage i.e., Google Docs, MediaMax, Strongspace, etc.
  • Incorporate automated backups 

Guess what? 

With UK’s best web hosting services your site’s backup is automatically conducted which ensures a reliable security system. Bonus point? You don’t have to worry about updates because every single thing is managed by your host!


5. Perform Website Security Scans

As per the security experts, scans should be performed every week, especially if you install a new program or hardware. This would detect the security flaws i.e., patch holes, outdated protocols, and services, etc. 

Even with the best security programs, hackers can still identify holes in the infrastructure and steal your website’s data. This is why security scans should not be delayed and should be performed instantly. 

There are a number of a free tools with the help of which you can measure your website security. But, if you want to detect every possible flaw then getting the popular website scanner sounds like a good option. 

Further, get UK’s best hosting services to enjoy regular scans without jumping in the entire procedure. 


6. Restrict File Permissions and Admin Logins

One of the effective security measures is to restrict your administrating portals to certain IPs. This way you can block potential attackers and keep your data safe. 

Along with this, you also need to set limited login attempts. If an IP address tries to log in more than three times, simply deny access for some time.

There is a possibility that hackers may try to use different IP addresses to break into your website, but this simple trick can waste their time and force them to move away. 


Pro-Tip: Get UK’s Best Web Hosting Services

UK’s best web hosting services offer you secure servers from where your website is kept online for your audience. Further, your chosen host can manage everything in one go whether it’s about your website’s security or certain updates. 

Here’re a few more reasons why you should invest in quality web hosting:  

  • Low risk of website crash: If something goes wrong with the main server, the best hosting in UK company turns on the backup server to get your website going without crashing abruptly. 
  • Enhanced Security: The ideal web host offers you malware, antiviruses, and much more to protect your website from hackers and data breaches. You can even grab a cheap SSL certificate for encrypting your website’s data. 
  • Data Backup: You don’t need to get worried if you lose your data accidentally. Your web host keeps on saving your data regularly to help you get back on street easily in case of accidents. 
  • Variety of Servers: Depending upon the size of your business you can run your website on different servers i.e., dedicated serversVPS servers, etc., and enjoy different sizes of bandwidth. 
  • Technical Experts: No matter what problems you have to face in the future; experts of the best web hosting in UK are always there to help you solve your issues. 


After domain registration and website development, security should be your first priority. However, protecting your data in this overwhelming cyberspace is not easy!

But, with UK’s best web hosting services and the tips that we’ve discussed above you can easily enhance website security. 

So, what’re you waiting for? Shake hands with the best web host that can easily tackle your online customers and help your website stay online most of the time. And, make sure you follow the right guide to choosing a web host

27 Apr 2021