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5 Things No One Told You About Reseller Hosting

You might have dreamt of starting a reseller hosting business in UK, if that’s where you’re located.

Why not? It is extremely profitable and super easy to start. You simply have to get packages from the best web hosting company in UK and sell them without setting up the entire infrastructure yourself.

But, is that all you need to know before starting off? Well, no! There’re so many things that you’re probably missing.

Luckily, you’ve arrived on the right platform. Right here we’re going to list down 5 important things about reseller hosting that no one has ever told you before! 

So, let’s get into this… 

5 Things You Should Know About Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is one of the best ways to make money online. But, like every other business you need to know what exactly it is and how can it help you get sales. 

Here’re the 5 things you need to know about reseller hosting: 

  1. Setting Up Reseller Hosting Is Super-Easy
  2. Technical Knowledge is Necessary
  3. Know How to Provide Good Customer Support 
  4. Choosing the Right Hosting Company is Important! 
  5. You Can Create Your Own Unique Brand 


1. Setting Up Reseller Hosting Is Super-Easy

Starting your own web hosting business from scratch sounds costly, you have to build the entire infrastructure yourself, buy certain equipment, hire technical staff and the list goes on. But, guess what? With reseller hosting, you’re free of these troubles! 

Instead of purchasing the entire data center you simply rent some servers or a portion of it and create smaller plans to resell them at your own selected price.

Being your web hosting company’s agent, you’re just responsible for selling services to the end-users. Bonus point? You’re given complete control over account management, creating hosting packages, and a lot more. 


2. Technical Knowledge Is Necessary

Frankly speaking, your lack of technical knowledge can cost you a steady stream of customers. Think about it, how can a customer buy services from a company that has no idea of what they’re selling? 

Of course, your clients would need your assistance and you should guide them to help the users make a better decision. And, for this, you have to learn everything about your services.

But, this doesn’t mean that you have to be tech-savvy and join the complex coding classes. As a reseller, learning basic things i.e., hardware/software specifications, types of web hosting, etc., is enough.

Apart from that, you should also know how to manage different domains, organize web files, and different other management tasks. It’s best to choose a hosting company that is an official partner of cPanel. Because cPanel simplifies such duties and helps you perform them in just seconds.

The biggest advantage of reseller hosting is that anyone can start it as a side hustle or standalone business with just basic technical knowledge.

3. Know How to Provide Good Customer Support

Remember, customer support is something you cannot ignore at any cost. You don’t believe us? Look at the image below: 

82 % of the users are more likely to place an order if you help them on live chat! Well, that’s a surprising ratio!

Customer support means to help the users in planning, provide them training and guidelines regarding maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. 

As a reseller host, while you would be relieved from the headache of managing the server and updating the software, you would have to provide customer support to your buyers.

The best web hosting companies offer 24/7 technical staff to handle server issues, reboot problems, and much more. It’s recommended that you do the same! Get your customer support contact numbers ready, an online chat option on your website, and a support email address. 


4. Choosing the Right Hosting Company is Important!

It’s no surprise that your reseller hosting business entirely depends upon your chosen host. Thus, dig deeper and find the one that offers top-notch services that you would feel proud to resell. Get this step wrong and you may ruin your future leads and end up with a sinking business.

One way to check the credibility of your chosen company is to conduct a thorough research. Check out the customer reviews, client portfolio, and expert remarks before signing up for the contract. 

Along with all this, make sure they can offer you the following features: 

  • Additional management tools i.e., cPanel 
  • Variety of servers (VPSdedicated server, etc.)
  • WHMCS or any other popular built-in management software 
  • Compatible Terms of Services and legal documentation
  • Software license, datacenter security and SSL certificate
  • WordPress compatibility
  • Domain reseller account and Site migration services 
  • Different hosting packages i.e., WordPress hostingbusiness hosting, etc.

To run successful reseller hosting in UK, don’t ignore any of the aspects listed above!  

5. You Can Create Your Own Unique Brand

Just because people go for direct business-to-business relations does not mean that users won’t buy from you. In fact, they won’t even realize that you’re a reseller! 


Reseller hosting in UK can be easily started by creating your own brand. After website development, you can buy your own domain name and start reselling right away.

The name of the hosting company from whom you buy your reseller hosting plans won’t be visible anywhere to your customers.

It would be just like as if you own the web servers yourself!

For instance, if you want to resell hosting from UK, then simply chose your brand’s name, add it to your domain and get your website online with a location-wise TLD. You can also place attractive call-to-actions and eye-catching graphics to enhance the user’s experience.

A powerful website reflects a marketer’s devotion towards his business. The more attractive the website would be the more people would drive towards purchase. Even if they find out that you’re a reseller, they might not back off if you present the services in the best possible manner.

How to Start Reseller Hosting in UK? 

At first, sight, setting up a reseller hosting might sound like a daunting task. But, as soon as you get to know the basic things you can set a perfect model that can take your profits up to a notch. 

Wondering how to start your reseller hosting business? 

Here’re the steps to starting reseller hosting in UK or wherever else you’re located: 

  1. Pick a Specific Niche

In today’s digital age, almost every business owner is going for a website. And, thousands of your competitors are already there to serve them web hosting. 

The point is that, to sustain growth and receive success you need to be specific and choose a particular niche. For example, web hosting for food bloggers, forum hosting, etc.

This way, you can easily set particular SEO or PPC strategies for your website to get started. 

  1. Create Your Hosting Plans

Once you’ve decided your niche and chosen a reliable web hosting company, you can easily decide what hosting service you want to resell. Would you like to go for basic hosting plans? Or want to sell all-in-one servers at a time? 

The features you’ve decided to sell must align with the services of your chosen host. Figure out how much disk space, memory, bandwidth, etc., you want to sell. Have a look at the image below and learn how you can create two different plans:

Make sure, you don’t buy expensive hosting that can ruin your budget. Maintain a balance between the package you choose and the prices you set yourself.

It is highly advised to start with very basic packages. As your customer base grows, your profits would rise incredibly. Jumping to premium packages at that point sounds like a perfect idea. So, don’t rush and plan wisely!


  1. Set a Strong Marketing Strategy 

No matter you want to start reseller hosting in UK or in any corner of the world, set a solid marketing strategy to promote your business. How come users would purchase your services if they don’t even know that you exist? 

Once your website is online, conduct an SEO audit and start adding keywords in your blogs, image alt, title tags, etc., to help your website appear on top of search results. 

Apart from that, focus on social media marketing and PPC advertisement as well. Invest in digital marketing and let your business stand out in the overwhelming competition. 


Starting a reseller hosting business without knowing all the things that we have discussed above might get you in trouble. Once you’ve learned the ropes, get the best reseller hosting in UK and start your business right away! Because it is one of the easiest ways to earn profit without a complete business setup! 

04 May 2021