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Dedicated Server Hosting: Is It Time to Upgrade?

Shared or VPS hosting can be an easy way to get started. As both of these types offer affordable plans that perfectly suit beginners. 

But, as soon as your website starts receiving more clicks you would soon outgrow these limited-hosting plans. 

This is where cheap dedicated server hosting comes into play! 

It is a perfect fit for every website owner who is aiming for growth in the near future and wants to provide an excellent browsing experience to their increased online audience. 

However, for most of the brands, it is a bit overwhelming to decide when it’s the right time to make a switch?

Don’t worry, because here’re in this guide we’re going to highlight the circumstances when upgrading your hosting plan to a dedicated server becomes necessary. 

So, let’s start… 


When Should You Switch to Dedicated Server Hosting?

The basic hosting plans, i.e., shared and VPS hosting, offer limited server space where you can only manage a small number of audience. Hence, to tackle the sudden traffic spikes you need packages with unlimited disc space, bandwidth, etc.

Finding a cheap hosting plan that fulfils your website’s needs and is from a reliable company can be hard. But, upgrading to a dedicated server is a must if you don’t want your business to suffer.

Here’re some indicators that would help you know when to turn to premium hosting plans:

1. When You Become Tech-Savvy

Cheap dedicated hosting offers an independent server to every user that is not shared by anyone else. Running such a server requires a great deal of technical knowledge. So, yes it’s a bit expensive and complex to administer as compared to the other hosting types.

Business owners who already have a successful website and know how to manage a web server can get any cheap dedicated hosting plan and enjoy a variety of features and services, including:

  • SSD hard drives 
  • Latest operating systems 
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Secure and fast hosting  

Here the users require a bit of technical knowledge that includes steps to perform database maintenance, backup, bandwidth analysis, scripting task automation, etc. 

Don’t worry if this sounds like a tough call, because a hosting company would also offer you both fully and partially-managed dedicated server packages. This means you can set default tasks for your host to manage. In easy words, if you don’t have the technical knowledge about any hosting feature, your hosting company can handle it. 

However, for beginners, it is highly recommended to stay on a shared or VPS server before moving on to dedicated hosting. Take your time to understand all the technical aspects and once you learn the ropes… it’s safe to jump on this server.  


2. Your Website’s Security is Being Compromised  

You’ve got to protect your sensitive data, i.e., customers’ credit card details, confidential emails, and other important business information.  

While cheap web hosting plans such as shared hosting might be easy on your pocket, they are less secure and not too reliable.

You don’t want your sensitive data to be stolen and misused, right?

Upgrade to a more secure plan!

With a dedicated server you won’t have to share your server resources with anyone else. It would be easier to keep the hackers at bay this way.


3. When You Want More Server Control 

Cheap dedicated server offers a lot of benefits such as increased server control. 

To be precise, with dedicated hosting you’re free to select any software, adjust hardware specifications and install an operating system (OS) of your choice.

For instance, if you’re running an e-commerce website in UK, then you can select Ubuntu Linux, Windows, or any other OS that suits your type of business.

Sounds like with premium hosting packages you’re in for a treat! 

But, this isn’t the case with shared hosting. Because there you’ve to manage everything on the software and operating system that is provided by your web host. 

Every business has its own requirements that are difficult to be fulfilled on shared hosting. Thus, to manage everything as you want getting UK based dedicated server is worth it! 


4. Your Site Painfully Struggles to Load

Did you know that visitors can start bouncing out of your site if it fails to load within a time period of 2-3 seconds? 

Yes, that’s true! Still, if you have any doubts, have a look at the image below: 

Always remember, users are eager to find solutions, and hence expect the websites to load at an incredible speed. Thus, for every website owner who is serious about receiving customers and sales, getting a hosting plan that offers increased bandwidth is important.  

Bandwidth is a measure of maximum data transfer over the internet. The higher the bandwidth, the faster your site can load.

However, running your website on servers where you only get to have small bandwidth and share it with different other users can slow down your site’s speed. 

Let’s suppose you’re running a website on shared hosting in UK and the users from different corners of the world except UK are also trying to reach your website. In this case, your website would struggle hard to load. That’s because for one single server loading so many pages on small bandwidth becomes really difficult.

As a result, your site might crash abruptly and leave you with a poor ratio of visitors! 

Thus, if you witness that your website has started to crash every now then, you need to switch on the next-level hosting plans. 

Cheap dedicated server hosting provides excellent speed, unlimited bandwidth, and increased disc space that can load the websites at a blazing fast speed. Bonus point? This reinforces your customers’ purchase decision, uplifts your sales, and improves your ranking on SERPs. Isn’t it all you want?


Cheap dedicated server hosting in UK is not suitable for every business type. But, if your site starts to experience some of the signs listed above, then it’s time to make a switch! During all this, don’t forget to look out for the 5 mistakes before choosing a web host

15 Jun 2021