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6 Warning Signs Your Business Website Needs an Update

Website is not only your business’s first impression but also the best tool for accumulating more sales. This is one of the major reasons why business owners are opting for the best web development services in UK

However, to keep up pace with the ever-evolving search algorithms, you need to update your site frequently. Else, your competitors would rise on the SERPs and steal your potential customers! 

So, read on to discover 6 warning signs that would help you know when it’s time to update your site… 


When Should You Update Your Business Website? 

Depending upon the type of your website you can update it after 1 or 2 years. Some might require slightest changes i.e., tweaking the design, adding a new page, etc.

However, in some cases, you would’ve to replace the website with a new one, in order to fulfill the increasing demands of the market.  

 Here’s a list of warning signs that indicate when it’s time to update your site: 

  1. You’re not Appearing in Search Results
  2. Adding or Managing Content is Tiresome
  3. Pages Are Unable to Respond on Mobiles Devices
  4. Website Painfully Struggles to Load
  5. You’ve Made Changes in Your Product List
  6. Your Site is Suffering a High Bounce Rate


1. You’re not Appearing in Search Results

Today, Google would show us millions of pages even if we type a simple phrase, such as “best web development services in UK”. The same is the case with different other keywords, such as VPS hosting, dedicated servers, etc.

The point is, in this overwhelming competition, a website that fails to rank on the first page of SERPs or does not even appear at all, would suffer miserably! Because users usually don’t jump on the second page of search results.

Want some proof? Have a look at the stats below:



This means the websites which are not appearing on the first page even after working on their SEO for months, need to follow the latest SEO trends or change their SEO strategy.

Add a blog section if it’s still missing. Post-key-word rich content regularly and optimize your site for off-page SEO as well. This would help the search engine crawl your pages easily whenever your niche’s services are searched on the internet.

However, be careful and stay away from the fatal SEO mistakes, such as too much keywords stuffing, or optimizing for search engines before thinking about your audience’s likes and dislikes. Further, learn all the copywriting rules to save yourself from legal claims.


2. Adding or Managing Content is Tiresome

Do you feel like adding content to your website is a tough task? If yes, then it’s the right time to update your site! 

Well, you can’t just leave your website without adding content, but you don’t even afford to waste your precious hours uploading blogs, images, or any other type of content.  

Don’t worry, because now you can easily save yourself from this headache! 


The website technology is evolving at an incredible speed, hence, bestowing us with new plug-ins and software. Such as, WordPress allows you to choose any template and then further manage it yourself.  From adding more pages to uploading new content, and from choosing the theme to installing antiviruses, everything remains under your control!

The best part is that you don’t need to contact your chosen web development services provider in UK or wherever else you’re located. You can easily install them and start making edits on your tips! 


3. Pages Are Unable to Respond on Mobiles

In a world full of smartphone users, not prioritizing a mobile-friendly website can cost you a lot of customers and even sales!  

Were you aware of the fact that 75% percent of the users including your potential customers love to purchase on their phones? Yes, you read it correctly! 

Studies show that the websites that appear on top of SERPs, and load at an incredible rate receive more audience.

So, if your website isn’t loading on mobile, optimize it right away!

Wondering how to do it?

First of all, test your websites on any online mobile-friendly tool to identify the specific area of your site that needs work.

After this, get an attractive theme. The experts of web development services in UK recommend not to use cluttered layouts.

Once done, hire the best web hosting company to get the fastest servers for your site. Not only they can manage everything in one go but also offer you an SSL certificate for a better security!


4. Website Painfully Struggles to Load

Remember, if your website’s speed is poor, then your profits are likely to be the same! 

See how… 

Any website that takes more than 2 seconds to load is simply abandoned by the users. Customers are eager to find their solutions and believe it or not, wasting their time is just going to drive them away!

Thus, check your site’s performance on any speed-checker on the internet, i.e., Page Speed Insight, Website Speed Test, etc. With this software, you can check how your pages are working on both mobiles and desktops. 

In case, your pages are taking too long to show the entire content, better update your site or consider hiring a new web development services provider in UK to get a brand new website.

Here’re a few more tips that you can do on your own to improve your site’s speed:

  • Consider using caching plugins
  • Avoid BNP/TIFF image formats
  • Get a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Crop images and avoid using 2000 pixel-wide pictures

Don’t forget, just getting your ideal domain name and the best web development services in Pakistan is not enough to run a business online! You need to make sure your website is perfectly optimized that takes no longer than a few seconds to load.


5. You’ve Made Changes in Your Product List

Any changes made in your product list or services should be instantly added to your website. 

Picture this, you are selling makeup products, and one day you buy 100 new products but unfortunately, didn’t upload them on your e-commerce website. In this case, all of your investment would burn down into ashes because not a single online user could buy them!

But, if you’d made changes to your site right after getting new products, the case would’ve been different!

Keeping your audience updated with every slightest change whether it’s related to your services or shopping cart, can help you get more customers and incredible sales.


6. Your Site is Suffering a High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate defines the percentage of people who visit your website and leave it without discovering more pages. 

Users who continue moving to the next pages are more likely to purchase your services.

On the other hand, people jumping out of your site would be welcomed by your competitors, hence, leaving you with zero profits.

Even if you’ve got the best web development services in UK, still an increased bounce rate won’t let you enjoy the sales you’ve dreamt of!

So, better focus on building an interactive and easy-to-use website.

Want a pro tip? Provide great customer services by adding a live chat widget on your pages. It’s a great way to interact with your prospective customers and help them solve their problems within no time. This way, any business owner can win the customers’ confidence and bring them closer to purchase.


In case you notice any of the warning signs discussed above, update your site right away! Further, follow the key steps to finding the best web development services provider in UK. After all, your website is one of the important assets of your business and it should be taken care of in the best possible way!  

07 Jul 2021