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How to Build and Launch Your Own Website in Just 4 Steps?

In this digital era having a business website is not only important but also necessary! From a local photographer to a wedding planner, and from a grand store owner to the best business web hosting provider, everybody needs a strong online presence. 

That’s because websites are globally accessible to anyone and consumers can get information anytime even during non-business hours as well! Isn’t it incredible? 

So, if you’re planning to build your website, here’re 4 key steps you need to follow.

Ready? So, let’s get into this… 

4 Steps to Building and Launching Your Own Website 

Don’t know much about domain registration and business web hosting

Still, you can get your website up and running with much less frustration! Even business owners with only a bit of technical knowledge can get started easily with the steps listed below: 

  1. Hire the Best Business Web Hosting Company 
  2. Get an Easy and an SEO-Friendly Domain Name
  3. Choose the Right Content Management System
  4. Optimize Your Business Website for SEO


1. Hire the Best Business Web Hosting Company

Hiring a web hosting agency is one of the very first things you need to walk through for getting your website online. 

Want to know why getting a hosting agency is worth it, even so, you can administer everything yourself?

The biggest advantage is that they manage every single thing of your site without having you do anything, i.e., security, backup, hardware maintenance, software updates, etc. This way, your focus solely remains on your business and you keep on working without the interference of management chaos. 

Don’t forget, choosing a host is just like choosing the future of your website. So, only stick with the best business web hosting company. 

But, the question is, how would you know that a host is worth hiring? For this, make sure your host offers: 

  • 99.9% uptime consistency 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Variety of contact options 
  • Latest software and hardware
  • Top-notch control panels, i.e., cPanel 
  • Regular backups and easy migration
  • Flexible and scalable packages 
  • Additional services 

Furthermore, you can also jump into their clients’ websites to see how their pages are working. Apart from that, the client portfolio can also provide you an idea of your chosen host’s services.

Just be super-careful while hiring a business web hosting company, because if you get trapped you won’t be left time to repent! 

After this, you’ve got to choose your server, and for this, your host would offer you many options, i.e., shared server, Dedicated hosting serverVPS server, etc. To better understand which one can be your ideal fit, have a look at the image below: 

During this, you need to stay away from the web hosting myths as well. Since they can distract you, and you might end up hiring the wrong host! Soon you would regret not hiring the best business web hosting company!

2. Get an Easy and an SEO-Friendly Domain Name

Your domain is not just a name, in fact, it’s your identity on the internet! 

This is the major reason why you need to make your domain as effective as possible. Not only because it communicates important information about your site to the visitors, but also because it helps the search engine crawl your pages easily. 

However, coming up with a perfect domain name that isn’t already in use is a real challenge. Don’t worry because we’ve got you some tips to create a unique one: 

  • Avoid using too difficult or slang words
  • Make it as shorter as possible 
  • Don’t go with numbers and hyphens 
  • Try to add a keyword
  • Ensure that it’s easy to remember 
  • Follow the tips to creating an SEO-friendly domain name
  • Be creative and come up with something captivating 

Once you’ve chosen your domain name, it’s time to buy it! 

For this, you’ve two options. Either, buy it from a domain provider whose services are limited to URLs only, or get it from the best business web hosting company. 

We’d recommend you to go with a web host. Why? Because the ideal ones usually offer a free domain name along with their hosting services, and even an SSL certificate.

Sounds like, with the best host you’re in for a treat! 

But, before buying, don’t forget to check its availability on a domain checker, just to avoid copyright claims. Apart from that, stick with famous TLDs like .com, UK, etc., because they usually capture more attention. 

Got the best business web hosting company and your domain name? 

Now, let’s move on to the next step.

3. Choose the Right Content Management System

Gone are those days where you had to master coding for managing your website! 

Thanks to Content Management System, now you can handle and make changes to your website without having much technical knowledge! 

However, choosing the right CMS for your kind of website sounds like a tough call. Because there are tons of software out there and each one of them comes with its own pros and cons. 

So, how to discover your ideal option? 

First of all, pen down your goals. Do you want to build a website for your personal blog? Or, are you willing to sell some products online? 

Once you have identified this, you can easily select any of the CMSs listed below: 

  • WordPress: The most popular CMS of all time! People usually love using this CMS just because it’s as easy to use as your Twitter account! Apart from that, it’s free if you’ve not already obtained hosting and your domain name. 

Tons of themes, security, and SEO plugins are some other features that you can enjoy with WordPress. The best part is that anyone can use WordPress as their go-to CMS. From the people who’re looking forward to starting an e-store, to the entrepreneurs who want to build a business website or a membership page, WordPress is perfect for everyone! 

  • Squarespace: This one also offers a plethora of plugins, and can be used to launch different types of sites just like WordPress. Further, it's super-easy to use where you can make changes to your website with just a few clicks. 

However, Squarespace isn’t free. Clients have to purchase their plans that usually include domain names, cloud-based hosting, and so on. 

  • Drupal: Unlike the above two website building software, Drupal is a bit difficult to manage but it also offers you more features for advanced customization. Further, it uses modules instead of plugins and along with this, it offers rock-solid security. 

Drupal is the most advance CMS you can ever get, still, we don’t recommend it to the newbies. But, if your website needs some next-level customization you can hire an expert for this to run everything smoothly. 

Don’t forget, choosing the right CMS, and the best business web hosting is more like choosing your business partners. So, look out for common mistakes while hiring a host and a CMS services provider. 

Along with all this, it is highly recommended to design a Captivating User Interface (UI) to enhance the user experience. For this, try to use moving graphics, and make good use of the font styles. Furthermore, make sure to divide your website’s data, and products into different pages, such as, Contact us, Privacy Policies, Products/Services, etc.

That’s it! Congratulations! You’ve successfully built your website, and now you can launch it with the help of the best business web hosting company!

Let’s see, what’s next!

4. Optimize Your Business Website for SEO

Just building and launching your website is not enough! 

You can’t just leave it out there once it's online and expect customers to arrive without working on it. Remember, there’re thousands of sites running on the internet, and millions of pages are showing results for every single query. Which makes it pretty difficult for a brand to stand out on SERPs.  

This is where SEO comes in! 

Search Engine Optimization is a process of enhancing a site’s ranking and improving its visibility on the internet. Which as a result, leads to increased conversion rate, and profits. 

Basically, this is how it works:

Now, let’s talk about how you can optimize your website for SEO like a pro. Here’re some tips for you:

  • Discover the top-trending keywords of your niche 
  • Start blogging and post heavy-hitting content regularly 
  • Use both focus and secondary keywords in your blogs 
  • Spy your competitors and find keywords from there
  • Make sure to add image alt description
  • Draft key-word rich and attractive title tags
  • Focus on off-page SEO, i.e., guest blogging
  • Don’t ignore meta descriptions 
  • Chase high-quality backlinks 

Bear in mind, it’s a bit of time taking procedure. But, once your site starts to rank on top of the SERPs, your business would skyrocket to its peak!  

Even if you want to build a website from scratch.

Even if you’re a non-tech savvy person. 

Still, you can easily start off with the steps discussed above! But, don’t forget to get the best business web hosting company in UK or wherever else you’re located. Because at the end your site’s performance relies heavily on your host! 




17 Aug 2021