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6 Things to Check Before Choosing a Host for Reseller Hosting

One of the top-trending businesses, reseller web hosting in UK is considered as a highly profitable income source of today! However, for a great start, you need to choose the right host! You get this step right, and there your business would kick-off! 

Although every agency claims to be the best hosting provider, but not all of them guarantee to provide you top-notch services. 

To help you detect an ideal hosting agency, we’ve listed down important things that make any web host a reliable one. So, let’s dive in… 

What to Look for in a Host for Reseller Web Hosting?

As a reseller, your entire business depends upon your chosen web hosting company. But, among the plethora of options out there, discovering the right one is indeed an overwhelming task. The key to finding the ideal host is to keep in mind all the things listed below. 

Here is the list: 

  1. High Uptime Consistency
  2. 24/7 Customer Support 
  3. White Label Branding 
  4. Impressive Client Portfolio 
  5. Easy-to-Use Control Panel 
  6. Flexible Web Hosting Plans


1. High Uptime Consistency

Uptime consistency is the lifeline of your reseller web hosting business! The higher it would be, the more chances of you having satisfied customers! 

Let’s assume that you’ve bought a shoe shop in UK which remains open only from 11 am to 2 pm. In this case, you’ll only receive customers during those three hours. Once your shop is closed, the consumer would head towards the nearby stores offering the same services. Hence, leaving you with poor sales. 

In contrast to this, if you open your shop for the whole day, you might receive a myriad of customers, and enjoy incredible profits! 

Similarly, all the clients who purchase web hosting plans from you would want their website to be up and running all day, every day. But if you’ve partnered up with the wrong web hosting provider, you won’t be able to offer your clients the best services.

Any site that remains offline for most of the time would cost the businesses owner a lot of money and consumers. You don’t want that for your customers, right?

99.9% uptime is the ideal consistency, and any host offering less than this should be side-lined.


2. 24/7 Customer Support

Partnering up with a host offering poor customer support is a nightmare! 

Imagine one of your web hosting clients has an ecommerce store and they’ve launched a special discount offer. Now, think what would happen if their website suddenly goes down?

They’d contact you. Right?

And you’d have to make sure the issue is fixed.

But what if your chosen web hosting provide is not responding?

You’d be left with bad customer reviews and your reseller business would slowly suffocate to death.

Thus, while setting up reseller web hosting in UK make sure you get a host that can solve your problem and respond to you straight after you call them. Apart from that, try to find an agency that is situated near your location, i.e., for the UK-based reseller hosting business it’s best to hire a host located in UK. This way, you can visit their office in serious scenarios. 

Wondering how to check your host’s customer services? We have got some tips for you:

  • Try to contact them during different hours  
  • Don’t shy away to hit them up at night 
  • Use different platforms to contact them i.e., live chat, e-mail, phone call, etc.

If your host diligently tries to solve your problem, then you’re good to go! 

3. White Label Branding

One of the misconceptions about hosting going around is that reseller web hosting is pretty expensive as compared to the original source. 

This is why, after the customers identify you as a reseller, they usually leave you and go to the original host’s website to compare the prices. Apart from that, they also believe that getting services directly from the original host is better than hiring a reseller. Hence, they end up signing the contract with the main host whose servers you’re using.

This is where label branding comes into play! 

It allows you to create your own reseller web hosting brand, and add your logo to the control panel. The best part is that your clients won’t realize that you’re a reseller which would prevent them to track down the main host.

The image below shows how it works

This is why we’d recommend you to get a host that offers white label branding services. So, you can build your own identity, independent of your host. Further, you can also enjoy the following services with such an agency:

  • WHM billing software 
  • Private name servers 
  • Easily manageable control panels 
  • Domain and e-mail integration 

4. Impressive Client Portfolio

The client’s portfolio speaks a thousand words! 

Before starting a reseller web hosting business in UK, you would want to make sure you get hosting services from a company that is trusted by big names and large organizations.


Because you don’t want to take any chances!

For instance, companies that are hosting websites of big brands would surely appear as reliable and trustworthy hosts for you.

This signals that their hosts offer them top-level services. And, if you hire one of them your reseller web hosting business would also experience incredible success! 

This is the reason why; the best hosting companies devote an entire section to client’s portfolios. Just, to provide an idea of their work, and most importantly, prove their credibility.

In contrast to this, a hosting company that isn’t showcasing their previous works usually means they’ve not yet worked with any company. Or, their projects have not gone well enough. 

Now, it’s up to you! Hire the best web host, or handover your business to the scammers!  

But, during all this, don’t forget to look out for 5 mistakes while hiring a web host.

5. Easy-to-Use Control Panel

From the customers to the services, and from the users’ data to billing, every business owner wants to have complete control of his reseller web hosting website.

For this purpose, you need a powerful and easy-to-use control panel, i.e., cPanel. If you notice that your chosen host is unable to offer you the latest control panel, then better invest somewhere else! 

You know why we’d suggest you this? Because, without having a top-notch control panel, you would keep on struggling with the management chaos, and won’t be able to focus on your business. 

This might bestow you with poor profits, and conversion rates. Which is what you’re trying to avoid. 

However, with a top-level control panel, like cPanel you can manage everything like a tech wiz! It allows you to manage administrative tasks with much less frustration by simplifying server, and website management.

Such as organizing web files, publishing sites, monitoring resources, creating e-mail addresses/sub-domains, and many such tasks.

Bonus point?

You don’t have to be tech-savvy!

This might be one of the things no one has told you about reseller web hosting. But, yes that’s true! Thanks to the latest control panels, you only have to learn the basic information, and not the complex coding!

6. Flexible Web Hosting Plans

Over time, you’ll hopefully notice an increase in your consumers. In that case, you would feel the need to upgrade your hosting plan to tackle your customer base. 

The best host allows you to easily upgrade your package, and continue running your reseller web hosting business in UK without any hindrances. 

In contrast to this, with the poor hosting agencies your website would suffer a lot! 

See how… 

The bad hosts usually surprise you with additional charges for a simple upgrade. Not only this, but they also don’t offer your desired disk space, bandwidth, etc., even with the next-level plans. Hence, leaving you with only one option, that is, migration!

Thus, to save yourself from this headache, choose a web hosting company that offers scalable plans at affordable price points that can be updated easily in the future.

Perfect reseller hosting packages offer services as shown in the image below:  

It’s also important to have a look at their hosting types and servers. Ensure that they offer a variety of options, i.e., Dedicated servers, WordPress hosting, VPS Server, etc. So, that you can provide your consumers a multitude of packages.

Your host's services decide your business’s future! 

Thus, hire the one who values their customers, and is enriched with all the features discussed above. However, before starting a reseller web hosting in UK, don’t forget to get an SEO-friendly domain name, and an SSL certificate. After all, these two elements play an important role in attracting customers! 

10 Aug 2021