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Is It Time to Switch Your Web Host? Here Are the 4 Signs

We all know that hiring the top web hosting providers in UK or any other corner of the world is a make-or-break decision. This is why getting the right host really matters!

With a poor host, it becomes hard for you to capture more future leads, boost conversion rate and even receive sales! As they offer low-quality services that may ruin your efforts of capturing customers online.

But the question is if you’ve already partnered up with such an agency, how would you know that they’re a scam?

Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered!

Read on to find out 7 warning signs that show your host needs to be replaced as soon as possible!

When You Should Consider Switching Your Web Hosting Provider?

At some points, you might start facing problems with your website’s performance without even knowing the real reason.

Did you know that poor web hosting providers can be the root cause of such frustrating situations?

Well, you know now!

In order to save yourself, check out the warning signs listed below to learn when you should make a switch. Here is the list:

  1. Your Site Isn’t Loading at a Blazing-Fast Speed 
  2. Website’s Downtime has Surprisingly Increased 
  3. You Don’t Have Enough Server Space to Grow
  4. Your Host Isn’t Conducting Proper Security Practices 

1. Your Site Isn’t Loading at a Blazing-Fast Speed

For website owners, site speed is the key to success! 

Think of yourself, how long do you wait for a site to load? We bet, you won’t even hang on for a minute, instead, you would bounce out and move to other websites to find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

Well, the same is the case with your audience. Studies show that the first two seconds of the loading time decides whether the users would stay on your site and conduct a purchase or not. 

Now, have a look at the image below to see how much the site’s speed matters:

Did you know that the site’s loading speed directly depends upon your chosen web hosting provider’s services? 

Yes, you read it correctly! The server quality and the bandwidth you’re provided with are the major factors that contribute to the loading speed. 

To get this straight, let’s take an example, imagine you’re running a reseller hosting business in UK, and over time you start receiving an audience from all around the world along with UK’s users. But unfortunately, your host provides you poor quality server and low bandwidth due to which the site painfully struggles to load data for everyone at once. Hence, forcing the visitors to leave your site.

In this case, you would, no doubt, drop your sales and might even ruin your industrial reputation! So, next time you witness an increased bounce rate, fix your site’s speed instantly or better change your web hosting provider! 


2. Website’s Downtime Has Surprisingly Increased

What’s worse than a poor loading speed? An increased downtime! 

No matter whether you’ve got a top web hosting provider in UK or any other part of the world, your chosen agency has to conduct system repairs which as a result turns off the server for a while. But a reliable host would always have a backup server in place so that their customers don’t have to suffer from immense downtime.

However, if you partner up with a cheap web hosting company, the downtime might increase beyond your imagination! Due to some more reasons listed below: 

  • Server overload
  • Malicious cyber attack 
  • Equipment or software failure, etc. 

How do you reckon users would buy your services if your website is not accessible?

Of course, they’d move to your competitors and you’d lose business!

Hence, it’s better to find a web host that values their customers and keeps their website available for their consumers for most of the time! 

Why? Because… 

The top web hosting providers use first-class servers, up-to-date software, and the latest technology. Further, they keep on installing the antiviruses to prevent hackers from shutting down your system.

All these factors when combined not only reinforce your consumers’ purchase decision but also build trust in their hearts. Hence, don’t fall for a trap and find a hosting provider that offers 99.9% uptime consistency! 


3. You Don’t Have Enough Server Space to Grow

Whether it’s related to managing the sudden traffic spikes or storing your users’ data, more server space is required as your site starts to grow.

Usually, affordable shared web hosting plans are the right fit for beginners who don’t need much server space. You might have signed up for a basic shared hosting package yourself. However, with the passage of time, you might start receiving tons of customers from UK and other countries of the world. In such cases, websites need more server space to manage everything smoothly. 

For this purpose, top web hosting providers offer the next level servers with greater bandwidth, i.e., VPS serverDedicated server, WordPress server, etc. Users can easily jump on any of these plans and get more features and space. 

But what if your host surprises you with additional charges for a simple upgrade? Much worse? They don’t offer you your coveted server and space! Sounds like a huge disaster! 

This is why it is highly recommended to research properly before signing the contract, just to check out whether your chosen host can help you conduct easy updates in the future or not. 

But, if you’re already trapped in such a critical situation, then don’t worry! Simply, find a new web hosting provider but this time make sure you get the best one in UK or wherever else you’re located. After all, your website’s performance highly depends upon your hosting company! 


4. Your Host Isn’t Conducting Proper Security Practices

What would happen if one day hackers steal your entire data? You might lose your company’s personal information, consumers’ credit card details, and along with this your users’ trust as well! 

Don’t forget, once the industrial reputation is ruined it becomes nearly impossible to recover! 

So, it’s best to consider all the security measures while running a business online. And, the best practices are to follow the top tips for improving the site’s security and hire a reliable web hosting provider.

In the event of catastrophic failures, such a trustworthy company can save your business before you lose too many customers and sales. Further, the best hosting agencies go beyond this and offer SSL certificates that encrypt your site’s data which protects it from scammers. This is how it actually works: 

You see how much it is important to get the top web hosting provider? The best part is that you can also get security services such as regular backups and malware scanning with your HTTP domain name!  

In case, you notice that your chosen host isn’t updating the latest antiviruses and not even offering you the necessary security features, then better find a web hosting company that actually cares! For this we’ve got you a few tips:  

  • Make sure your chosen host have DDoS preventions in place 
  • Ensure that they conduct regular backup and malware scans 
  • Check whether they have installed the latest firewalls, i.e., WAF, etc., or not


Key-Takeaway: How to Choose the Top Web Hosting Provider?

As now you know, how much choosing the top hosting provider matters! So, let’s discuss how to choose the right one. 

With a plethora of agencies claiming themselves as the top web hosting providers, discovering your perfect fit is indeed difficult. But, while considering some important points, you can easily get your ideal host in UK or anywhere else without much less frustration.

Here’re some questions you need to ask yourself while making a decision: 

  • Does your chosen host enjoy a good industrial reputation? 
  • Are their existing clients happy with their services or not? 
  • Do they offer 24/7 customer services for 365 days? 
  • Can they offer your multiple plans? 
  • Is their client’s portfolio enriched with great projects? 
  • Are their plans affordable?

Once you’ve gathered your answers, you can easily decide whether the host is worth hiring or not! Along with this, make sure to look out for 5 mistakes when choosing a web host!


No matter, whether you’re running an e-commerce shop or any other business website, having a host that can manage your online presence like a pro is crucial! Don’t forget, getting the top web hosting provider is just like hiring a business partner, and sticking with the wrong one can really turn out to be a huge regret in the future! 

 So, if you encounter any of the warning signs discussed above, then without wasting more time change your host right away!

03 Aug 2021