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Linux VPS vs Windows VPS Hosting: Which One to Choose?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an ideal hosting plan for website owners who want to run their website smoothly, enjoy rock-solid security, and optimal performance. 

However, people usually get confused when it comes to choosing the right Operating System for VPS. 

In this article, we’re going to highlight the pros and cons of two different operating systems so you could easily decide whether cheap windows VPS hosting would be a perfect fit for your business in UK or Linux VPS hosting.

So, let’s begin…                                       


Difference Between Linux and Windows VPS Hosting

You can’t just pick up one of the affordable plans of cheap Windows VPS hosting just to save a few bucks! 

You’ve got to consider your needs, plus check out the software environment and more such factors before you make a final decision of any kind. Such as: 

1. Control Panel 

Control panels help you manage all the hosting services you use in a much easier way. Whether it’s linked with server databases, mailboxes, subdomains, etc. 

Let’s discuss different control panels each OS supports. 

Plesk is usually used on windows, whereas on Linux this is replaced by WHM (Web Host Manager) or cPanel.

Now, how would you know which control panel suits you the best? Have a look at the features below: 

  • Plesk is a user-friendly control panel and is super- easy to use. It turns out to be cheaper if you’ve got only a handful of sites. Further, it supports both Linux and Windows VPS hosting servers. Apart from that, website migration with Plesk can be directly done by using the Plesk Migration tool. 
  • On the other hand, cPanel has a graphical interface and can only be used on Linux. Moreover, migration on this control panel depends upon WHM’s different tools. 

Pen down your requirements and see which control panel tends to fulfill your needs. Once done, you can easily decide which OS to choose for your website. 


2. Ease of Use 

Windows uses Graphic User Interface (GUI) which provides clarity that enables rapid engagement and interaction in meaningful ways. 

Users don’t need to learn complex coding systems to run their website on this OS. Windows is for every type of user, whether he/she is a pro at programming or a beginner in this digital world. 

But Linux can only be used by users who master the skills of technical coding and know how to use the command-line interface. 

Contrary to Windows, on most of the Linux versions, you can’t complete tasks by just clicking around randomly. However, you can add a GUI interface but unfortunately, that might open the doors for hackers! 


3. Technical Support 

Microsoft Windows offers full-time technical support to its users. You can hit them up any time and get your problem solved without waiting for long hours. The best part is that they don’t ask you to pay for their help. 

In contrast to this, Linux’s technical support isn’t this amazing. The reason is that they offer expensive paid support. 

However, users can get free support provided by the Linux users' community which usually doesn’t offer expert-level solutions.

However, taking help from the Linux’s users can leave you alone at any point because in this case there is no agreement/contract or any guarantee that your problem would be solved. 

What if your OS crashes and the volunteer refuses to help? You would lose access to your site!


Hence, whenever selecting any package of Linux’s VPS hosting or cheap windows VPS hosting in UK, don’t forget to check their technical support. Because this would make a huge difference in the future! 


4. Performance

In terms of performance, Linux is considered a better option as compared to Windows. 


Because it doesn’t demand regular boots. Further, it provides more system opportunities, and requires fewer resources. Here you can run your website smoothly without any hindrances.

On the other hand, Windows needs to be restarted and rebooted after every software/hardware update or patch. 

Since it uses Graphic User Interface (GUI), Windows can turn out to be resource-hungry OS if poorly configured or not optimized correctly. 

On Windows, you’ve to spend extra minutes on all this along with running your website. This might eat up your valuable time which could have been used for improving your services.

Though, users can disable the features, like, startup applications and Windows’s GUI in order to reduce resource usage but still, Linux is considered a perfect fit in terms of performance. 


5. Security 

The fact that around 1.5 billion PCs are powered by Windows, makes this OS a primary victim of hackers.

You won’t believe that around 1.2 million Microsoft accounts get hacked every month! 

This means, to keep your website’s data secure on Windows, you need to take strong security precautions, install the latest antiviruses and have the right setup in place.

 Unlike Windows, Linux offers a better security system. This is why:  

  • Only administers have access to editing 
  • Linux has got more people for check and balance as compared to Windows 
  • Bad boys typically avoid targeting Linux due to its low usage numbers 

For the ones who’ve got a plethora of customers in UK, and want to save their clients’ data, choosing cheap windows VPS hosting in UK sounds like a risky option. Hence, it’s better to stick with Linux if you’re more concerned about security.


6. Cost and Affordability 

Another feature that sets apart Linux from Windows is its affordability!

You don’t have to pay a fortune to download a genuine copy of Linux distribution as it is an open-source software. 

But to start working on Windows, users have got to buy the license first. The price varies as per the versions of this OS. 

Whether you’re running an e-store in UK and want to get cheap windows VPS hosting in UK, or you’re willing to stick with Linux VPS hosting for your business website, just don’t fall into a trap! Find the best web hosting company with flexible and scalable plans for you.


Choosing the right operating system for your VPS hosting won’t be hard if you keep all the points in front of your mind while making a decision.

So, take your time to understand everything we’ve discussed above and make sure to avoid 4 myths about web hosting during this entire process.



15 Sep 2021