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The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Business Hosting

Are you a business owner looking to promote your brand online? Do you want to take advantage of the popularity of E-commerce?

If so, then you’ll need a good business website. If you are offering physical services as well, then you can use your business website for customer support or even online sales and bookings.

Best of all, your business website provides you with a platform for creating landing pages for new ad campaigns. Think of it as a digital office or alternate to your physical store!

If you want your website to perform optimally, you’ll need to have the best business web hosting in UK.

Read on for more tips on how to find the best business web hosting in UK!

Why Choosing the Right Web Hosting Is Important?

If you have a business website, then you've probably invested in it for a reason. It could be to expand your brand, increase your product sales or provide better customer service. In today's digital world, your website represents your business and is the first thing that a customer will see when enquiring about your business.

If you design your website with professional web design services, you’ll get a website that’s suited to your business type. However, simply having a great website design isn’t enough.

You’ll need a good domain name, ideally one that’s the same as your brand name. You’ll also need expert business web hosting in UK to make sure your site stays online.

The web hosting service that you choose will determine many aspects of your website's performance such as speed, security, and other factors. These may be even more critical than website design.

No matter how great your website looks or how much discount your offer, if the site’s loading speed is slow, customers won’t wait to see what you offer. So, what’s the point?

So, if you are going to get hosting services, make sure you get something that’s will optimize your website’s performance.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best business web hosting in UK:

1. Security is a Priority

Whether your website is a front for your physical store, or you are running an e-commerce store, you'll need your website to be secure from external and internal threats. Your website may contain sensitive company data or even customer payment information in the case of e-commerce stores.

One of the benefits of having the best business web hosting plans is that you won’t have to worry about website security.

If you choose a better hosting plan like VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting, you’ll get more security and protection from external threats. However, making sure that no one from inside your company misuses their administrative rights to the website is up to you!

2. Make Sure the Speed and Performance is up to Standard

What’s the standard performance for business web hosting in UK? Well, it depends on what you are looking at.

The standard for website loading speed is 2-3 seconds. Yes, that’s it. If your website takes longer to load, then your business hosting plan is not sufficient.

Similarly, your website shouldn't slow down, take too long to load pictures and videos, or lose resolution. It should certainly not get shut down or become unavailable for any reason.

If your e-commerce store goes down, you'll be missing out on potential revenue until it's back online. Make sure that your website hosting plan contains upwards of 99% uptime for optimal performance.

3. Business Hosting Should be SEO Friendly

Some hosting plans may be OK for your website to start on, but they may not be scalable. For example, having shared hosting is not great for SEO, because of slower website speeds and poor site performance.

If your website experiences downtime, then it won’t show up on Google during that period, which could drastically affect its rankings. Similarly, if someone clicks on your website and it doesn’t load, then the bounce rate will increase reducing the SEO score.

Website loading speed also affects the website’s SEO. Having the best business web hosting in UK will ensure your site runs smoothly, which is great for SEO rankings.

4. Business Hosting Should Have Dedicated Support

If you are running a business, you should be focusing on growing your business. The last thing you want is to look at server issues that may be slowing down your website.

This is why having dedicated support is essential. The top business web hosting plans will include dedicated support which covers everything from technical updates to security patches and regular server maintenance.

It’s also great to know that you have a reliable support team to help you if you face website issues related to hosting!

So, whether you are choosing a dedicated server plan or you want WordPress hosting, always go for a company that offers dedicated support or managed hosting services.

5. Choose a Business Hosting Plan That Meets Your Requirements

Not all website errors are caused by poor hosting services. If you choose a web hosting plan that doesn’t match your business requirements, then you’ll have to upgrade.

If your website hosting has too little space or not enough RAM, then you’ll need to get business web hosting in UK that offers unlimited bandwidth and enough space for a large online store.

If you aren’t sure of your website’s requirements, then you can have it reviewed by a professional web hosting company. They may recommend a hosting plan that covers all your hosting requirements.

Choose a Good Domain Name

Lastly, you'll need a good domain name if you want your website to grow online. Whether it's for SEO, brand promotion or to give your brand a professional look, you should have the best domain name for your site.

If you have an e-commerce store, having a good domain name is helpful for marketing. If your website is an online office for your business, then make sure your website name and brand name are the same. This will give your brand more legitimacy.

So, next time you look for the best business web hosting in UK makes sure you have a domain name that makes your business stand out!

07 Feb 2022