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What is Business Hosting? Is it Right For You?

Business hosting in Uk or business hosting in the USA, that’s what small business owners search on Google most of the time.

But do businesses really need business web hosting?

Is it good for small businesses?

How is this hosting plan different to WordPress hosting or shared hosting?

Before we come to the conclusion about what is the best hosting plan, let’s understand how business hosting can help you scale your business, improve your UX and get you a smooth online presence.

Let’s start with the very basics.

What is Business Hosting?

As the name suggests, business hosting is a type of web hosting that’s specially designed to handle the demanding needs of businesses.

It includes all the features and tools that are needed to run an effective online presence.

This hosting plan might sound too good to be true for small businesses but trust me when I say that small businesses need it the most.

Small businesses need to stand out from the crowd and that’s the only way they can succeed online where wholesaler giants have dominance. And it becomes really difficult on shared hosting plans.

Business hosting plans provide all the tools that you need for efficient business growth.

And that’s not all. A business hosting plan also ensures faster page loading time on your website which means more customers for you.

You might think that if my website is small, does this mean I don't need a dedicated server? Isn't shared hosting good enough for small websites?

Now the question rises what type of hosting should one opt for based on needs? The main difference between shared and business hosting is the way they allocate resources.

If you go for a shared hosting plan there will be hundreds of websites on one server which makes it more prone to crashes, downtime and malware attacks.

This is where business plans come into play - by opting for a business web hosting plan you are basically getting your own physical server on which only your website or blog will exist.

This makes sure that your site doesn’t crash or slows down because of other sites on the same server.

Okay so now let's see how business hosting can make things easier for your business.

Reasons Why Business Hosting is Different from Other Hostings?

All web hosting platforms share a common goal which is to put your website online. While all the plans make sure that your website is available 24/7, they vary in terms of performance and scalability.

Unlike shared hosting where multiple users are allocated with limited resources on a single server, business hosting plans offer dedicated resources.


This ensures that your website has more disk space, RAM memory to load pages faster for a better user experience.

Along with that, you don’t need to worry about the security of your website as business hosting plans come with extra layers of security to keep your site protected from hackers and malware attacks.

As mentioned earlier, business hosts include the best features for your business like security tools, unlimited bandwidth storage, private SSL certificate and your website can handle millions of visitors on a daily basis without crashing due to unlimited data transfer.

A business hosting solution is ideal for growing your business. You are given premium features, top-notch support, high security, dedicated IP address etc. which are beyond the scope of shared hosting plans.

Business hosts understand the need for high-performance and highly available infrastructure that can accommodate the growing demands of any small business.

Also, most business hosts like Web Souls provide the best-in-class customer support which is not seen with shared hosting plans.

Now that you know the difference between different hosting plans, it’s time to see if business hosting is right for your website.

Is Business Hosting Right for You?

It’s a perfect fit for every small business owner who is looking to get a professional web presence.

Not only it offers high-quality features, but you can easily set up and manage the entire website yourself.

To know if your business site needs this hosting solution, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my current hosting plan slowing down my business?
  • Do I need more resources on my server to run multiple websites at once?
  • Will I benefit from high security, dedicated IP address and priority technical support? 

If answered yes to all the above three questions then your business site is perfect for business hosting.

If you are running a small business that has a limited budget and you’re looking for a professional online presence without investing too much, the best business hosting in the UK is your answer.

And yes! It is easy to manage.

Since your web host manages the technical part of your site you don’t need to hire a professional for complex issues related to website development and hosting.

Save money on hiring a professional while improving the performance at the same time.

Along with that, it’s important to note that businesses with static content will benefit the most from business hosting solutions.

Static websites are easy to scale and load faster which increases user engagement.

A good number of users feel disappointed if they come across a website with a slow loading speed as this makes it difficult for them to download any data on their device.

It also becomes hard for them to find your contact information or share pages on social media which eventually results in loss of customers or sales!

Isn't that bad?

For such businesses, business hosting plans offer rich features like dedicated IP and proactive support and you can choose between affordable monthly and super affordable yearly billing models.

Why Should You Choose WebSouls for Business Hosting?

Now, you know how your business site can benefit from business hosting plans. But, is choosing the right web host as easy as it sounds? It's not!

One wrong move and you can lose customers or see a significant drop in website traffic.

Selecting the right web host is very important for your business growth and requires complete peace of mind.

Business hosting from Web Souls helps you achieve similar results as those of top online businesses. It ensures that your website is ready to drive sales and more traffic without slowing down due to the high demand for on-site resources.

It can handle complex database-driven websites and offers faster loading time which is crucial for any business that relies on website traffic to generate leads or sell products online.

At Web Souls, we provide high-quality and easy-to-use interface features like dedicated IP address, proactive support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee which helps you manage multiple websites hassle-free and without any hidden fee or contract.

29 Sep 2021