Frequently Asked Questions

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What is domain name?

The only characters allowed in a Domain Name are the 26 letters of the English alphabet, numbers 0-9, and hyphens (-). A domain cannot begin or end with a hyphen sign, but it can contain one or more hyphens in midway. You can use up to 63 characters plus the gTLD (generic Top Level Domain: .com, .net, or .org) as part of the Domain Name. Each ccTLD (country code TLD) Registry has its own restrictions on the length and format. Domain Names are not case sensitive and are usually displayed in all lowercase. You may, however, use capital letters to emphasis words in your Domain Name, like:

Where will my domain name reside?

WebSouls provides name servers upon registration of new domain names. A Domain Name server is a machine connected to the Internet that identifies unique Domain Names (Web addresses) or Internet sites. Domain Name registration requires both a primary and a secondary name server. Each consists of a host name and a unique IP address. These house the Domain Name System information about the Domain Names hosted by the name servers. These name servers must be registered with the Domain Name Registry. Once you have registered your Domain Name with WebSouls, you can change the name servers for your Domain Name from your Client Area. You will always need two separate name servers. This change can be made as soon as the registration is confirmed.

Why my FTP connection disconnected?

If your FTP connection timed out without connecting, check your FTP settings to make sure you have specified the correct host or IP address. And if situation persist even after making sure the host name and IP address, you may need to contact our customer support team in order to dig out further.

Will WebSouls move my domain to my server for me?

Yes we will do FREE migration at your behalf if you're moving from other host. You just need to provide us valid credentials of existing hosting account and rest of the part leave to us. We shall inform you after completion of migration process.

What other languages will be supported at WebSouls servers?

There are many languages supported at our servers but all depend upon base Operating System. We have provided details of support languages under each hosting packages detailed page.

How can data be uploaded on website?

Different uploading softwares are available for data uploading but a more easy and flexible softwares are Cute FTP & Filezilla. You can use these softwares to upload your website data. You can also upload your files directly from file manager after login into your CPanel account provided by WebSouls.

How can I create an email account on cPanel Linux servers?

It is very simple & more easy to create an email account from CPanel as compare to email creation at Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. You just need to get login into CPanel and then search out "Email Accounts". Once you reached to "Email Accounts" head, you then just need to go into it, enter the email ID you want to create in relevent field, set strong password (which is always recommended by WebSouls) and you're done.

Is my data on WebSouls Secure?

The security of your data including your web hosting pages, databases and emails are extremely important to us. Here are few best practices we doing on routine basis: (1) SSL encryption. (2) Regular and automated back ups of your web hosting data to prevent data loss and provide fast data recovery through CPanels. (3) Data hosted on the most up to date and secure servers. These are the reasons people consider us best provider of web hosting in Pakistan.

Is my website secure from hacking at WebSouls servers?

At WebSouls, we are taking care of our customer's websites in a way that each file which going to be upload at our servers will run through our scanning process and it will only upload on to server if that file is cleaned and secured. Furthermore, we are scanning our customer's websites at code level on daily basis in layer two through our automated scanning system and filtering out malicious content or code if we found. Our own written scripts are automatically reverting back the files permissions if attacker changed them in order to gain access of clients directories. These are the reasons hacking isn't happening at WebSouls network and so people consider us best provider of web hosting in Pakistan.

What if I want to check your web hosting service before payment?

We deliver what we say and we have strong belief that we are following industry's best practices in order to offer quality services of web hosting in Pakistan. So that you can take trial web hosting package at any time without paying a single penny and you will only pay if you are satisfied :)

Do you have any limitations in Unlimited Web Hosting plans?

Yes there are few server resource limitations for unlimited web hosting packages too. Each and every policy is published here at We tried to keep everything crystal clear for users not like other providers of web hosting in Pakistan.