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Web Hosting: When to Choose Cheap Hosting Plans?

Starting a website has never been easier with the wide range of hosting options available nowadays. You can always find a hosting plan designed for your website type, whether it's an eCommerce store, business website, or a simple portfolio website.

Some hosting plans may even offer you an entire hosting server to host as many websites as you need!

However, in reality, you won't be needing that many hosting resources. If your website is new and doesn't get much traffic, a cheap webhosting plan in UK would be ideal for your website.

Cheap hosting plans, like shared hosting, often come under scrutiny due to a lack of resources, less security, and less scalability. This is why it's important to know when you should go for cheap webhosting in UK and when to get better plans.

This article will help you make the right choice!

What Does Cheap Web Hosting Contain?

Before deciding whether cheap web hosting plans will suit your website, it’s important to know exactly what each plan offers. A good cheap webhosting in UK plan will usually offer:

  - Sufficient Storage

Even if you have a very simple website, you'll need at least 15GB of storage, although reliable web hosting in UK will give you 20GB at a minimum. Having enough storage is essential if you want to run a successful website.

  - Bandwidth

Bandwidth will often determine how many website visitors your site can handle at any time. If you are just starting out or your monthly visits are not yet in the thousands, then anything over 80GB bandwidth will be enough for you.

  - Database Support

Every website may have one or more databases designed to maximize site performance. The best cheap webhosting in UK will provide you with a plan that contains database support, so your site will function optimally.

  - Email Accounts

Every website requires email accounts to be managed. You may have a separate email for sales, one for support, a personal email, and even one for each of your employees.

  - SSL Certificate

If you choose a cheap webhosting in UK package, you may or may not get an SSL included. However, all good web hosting providers will give you the option to include SSL in your website hosting package. If you are using shared hosting, then an SSL is even more important to ensure your website’s safety.

While there are other factors that you can install, these are the basics that you should look at when choosing cheap webhosting in UK.

  - Monthly Plans

Most hosting providers will give you some discount when you require cheap hosting. However, they may only do so by charging you for a year of hosting. However, this may not be affordable, especially if you’ve just started your website.

The best low-cost web hosting in UK plans will offer monthly payment options, allowing you to manage your website more effectively.

When to Use a Cheap Hosting Plan

So, considering the price benefit of cheap web hosting plans, when should you use them? Here are a few scenarios when cheap hosting might be right for your website:

1. When You Host a Small Database

In some cases, you might only need hosting to host a database. Hosting a database may not require email addresses, SSL, or other features of a regular website. So, whether you need the database for professional work or academic purposes, the cheapest web hosting plans will be sufficient.

2. You Have a Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is a professional website of yourself that acts as an online resume. You may include professional information, work experience, and other personal information on it. Most portfolio websites will be one page and at most 3-5 pages.

Unless thousands of people are going to click on your portfolio website (which is near to impossible!), then cheap webhosting in UK will be enough for you!

A portfolio website looks somewhat like this:  

3. Your Website Doesn't Get Too Much Traffic

Unless you already have a good brand reputation, your website won’t be getting hundreds or thousands of visitors for the first few months. it often takes time for your website to get traffic, during which there’s no need to pay for expensive hosting plans like VPS hosting or Dedicated server hosting.

Even if you have a good SEO strategy, it will take anywhere between 3-6 months before you can get real organic traffic.

So, if you are just starting out, then go for a cheaper web hosting package.

4. You Need to Host a Blog

Most blogs don’t require too many hosting resources as it’s likely that you’ll be the only one posting to the site. Similarly, your blog might not get much traffic if you've just started, so you won't need too much bandwidth either.

So, if you run a personal or affiliate blog, then look for the best cheap webhosting in UK.

When NOT to Choose Cheap Web Hosting?

While it’s great to save a few pounds, sometimes this may not be the best choice for your website. Choosing the wrong hosting for your website may lead to more losses than the few cents that you’ve saved on hosting!

Here are some scenarios when you shouldn’t choose the cheapest hosting plans:

1. You Have an E-commerce Store

If you have an e-commerce store, you’ll need more hosting resources than an average portfolio site. E-commerce stores generally receive decent traffic and may require several product pages.

You’ll also need more security and a guaranteed SSL if you want to retain more customers. So, if you have an e-commerce store, then make sure your hosting plan offers enough resources for optimal site performance.

2. You Need Hosting for Your Business Website

If you have a business website, then having cheaper hosting services may not be for you. Business websites require better security, more web content, and more bandwidth. If you have chatbots or other customer support services on your website, then you should choose better business hosting.

3. Your Website Gets a Lot of Traffic

Even if you have a blog that gets hundreds or thousands of visitors in a month, then a cheap shared hosting plan might slow your website down. In such cases, choose a better option like WordPress hosting or VPS hosting.

So, what are you waiting for? With cheap webhosting in UK, getting your website online has never been easier!

21 Dec 2021