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8 Reasons Why you Should Get the Right WordPress Hosting Plan

When it comes to creating the perfect website or e-commerce store, you’ll probably have a list of things that will help you achieve your goal. This may include website design, choosing the best domain name, SEO, and other methods to help promote your website.

But what about WordPress web hosting?

Unfortunately, this is one crucial aspect that most people often undermine. Are you guilty of looking for the cheapest available hosting plan for your website? If so, then your website is likely to face problems or underperform.

So, why does your web hosting plan matter and what should you look for when choosing a fast SSD WordPress hosting plan?

Read on to find out!

What is WordPress Web Hosting?

WordPress hosting is hosting designed to run sites created on WordPress. Nowadays, the majority of websites are made using WordPress, including many large brand websites and e-commerce stores. If you are creating a new website, you’ll find it quite easy to manage using WordPress.

Best of all, WordPress has many free plugins which help your site run optimally and provide extra value to your customers.

However, having more features means that your site will require more space to run. This is why having fast SSD WordPress hosting is essential for all WordPress websites.

So, why can’t you just choose a cheaper hosting plan that meets the minimum requirements for hosting WordPress?

Here are 8 reasons why having fast SSD WordPress hosting matters:

1. It Covers the Basic Requirements for WordPress

One of the benefits of fast SSD WordPress hosting is that it has enough resources for running large WordPress websites. Whether you have an e-commerce store, business website, or blog, you'll need to make sure that your hosting plan covers the minimum requirements for ideal website performance.

Even if you don’t add any additional plugins and your website doesn’t have much content, you’ll still need a hosting plan that can handle basic WordPress functions.

2. It Determines Your Website Speed

Website speed is a crucial factor that determines your customer satisfaction, SEO performance, and other aspects of website performance. Sites that load too slow will lose many customers and it gives a bad impression of the brand.

Fast SSD WordPress hosting has SSD storage, which allows for faster transfer of data. This allows your website to load much faster. Best of all, it will allow you to have high-quality pictures and videos on your website without affecting the speed.

3. It has More Storage Space

Previously, many hosting plans offered HDD storage, which had limited storage scalability. When choosing a new hosting plan, you should always check whether the storage is sufficient for your website needs.

A professional tip is to calculate the storage space per webpage and look at the total number of web pages on your site. Your hosting plan should ideally offer double the maximum storage of your website as you'll need space for the backup as well.

4. It is the Safest Option for Your WordPress Site

Choosing the cheapest hosting plan for your website won’t guarantee 100% safety. For example, shared hosting has many flaws and might cause your website to be compromised (especially if it’s HDD hosting). Many WordPress websites don’t need dedicated server hosting or VPS hosting.

As such, fast SSD WordPress hosting is the best option for running a secure WordPress site.

Pro tip: Add an SSL certificate to your hosting plan to have your website marked as “secure” from Google’s end. This will help customers trust your website more and it helps with SEO as well.

5. You can Always Backup Your Website

SSD hosting is great for websites that store sensitive or valuable information as it has a reliable backup system. If you have a reliable backup, you won’t have to worry if your website’s data is lost or stolen (entire websites have vanished into thin air before!).

The best web hosting service provider will likely provide you with backup that may be updated daily, weekly, or monthly. So, in the worst-case scenario that you become the victim of a hacker attack, you'll be able to restore your website with the backup.

6. You’ll get Dedicated Support with SSD Hosting

Fast SSD WordPress Hosting is the latest hosting technology. If your web hosting provider is using SSD technology, then they will likely give you better support on the service as well. So, in case your emails stop working or there’s a technical issue related to hosting, you’ll get your website fixed in no time.

Hopefully, you won't need the support because SSD hosting is more reliable and less likely to have issues!

7. Upgrading Your Hosting Plan is Easy

One of the benefits of fast SSD WordPress Hosting in the UK is that you can easily upgrade your hosting plan. With SSD hosting, upgrading is much easier than with HDD hosting. The data transfer process is also much faster, so if you want a better plan like VPS hosting, then you won’t experience much downtime.

So, if you've maxed out the resources of your current hosting plan, then you can choose a better WordPress hosting plan or even get your dedicated server!

8. You can Get Managed Support

The best WordPress hosting providers will also offer managed hosting plans along with WordPress hosting. So, why should you opt for a managed hosting plan?

For one, it means that you won't need a technical support team to manage the backend updates and other issues. Managed hosting also gives you access to the best technical support, regardless of what time you need it.

Besides, you won't have to worry about updates, backups, or other issues that could affect your website's performance.

So, next time you consider getting a new hosting plan or upgrading your current one, make sure that it covers all the above aspects. SSD hosting is the new norm and has made old HDD hosting obsolete.

So, if you want your website to perform optimally, then choose the best fast SSD WordPress hosting plan today!

18 Jan 2022