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5 Expert Tips to Make Your Website More Attractive

The characteristics of the website reveal a lot about your business and the services that you’re providing.

Websites with attractive homepages attract more Internet surfers. You may be sure of the website's ongoing growth by choosing the best web development services in the UK that will help you create a user-friendly and creative website.

Tips to Make Your Website More Attractive

If you’re thinking about getting web development services in the UK, make sure to choose a company that has a portfolio of unique website designs and interactive website interfaces. That’s because, hard-to-navigate websites or those that are too plain can result in making the user disinterested, hence increasing the bounce rate which in turn negatively impacts your website’s SEO.

Here's how you can make your website more attractive:

1. Select the Proper Page Colors

Humans are drawn to attractive things by nature. It is fundamental to apply this concept to the selection of colours for websites.

You could want to use a single colour or theme for all of the pages. Finding the appropriate colour combination might be helpful at times. Have a bold choice on the landing pages since visitors are more drawn to it.

Many people choose colours that are warm and calming. They frequently have an eye-friendly vibe. Look for something to go with the brand's colors. When you combine certain elements with the brand emblem, fantastic outcomes are guaranteed.

The experts who provide web development services in the UK advise employing web designers since they are aware of the proper techniques for color mixing.

Web pages may be given engaging themes thanks to graphic design.

2. Find an Appropriate Domain Name

The domain selection must be perfect because your domain name is the first thing that a user encounters when they decide to visit your website.

Additionally, if it has a keyword in it, your website would have more chances of ranking high on the search engines. Plus, it would be more relevant to your services and hence the users would actually get an idea of your brand from your domain name.

To make things even better for your local SEO efforts, choose a country-based TLD for your domain. Such as, if you own a business in UK, register a domain name such as ‘’.

3. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, a large number of individuals use the internet. The list is becoming longer. One factor is the steadily rising number of people using mobile phones to access the internet.

And, as you already might know, how your website appears on mobile devices would be different from the website interface that your see on a laptop. Which means, if your website is not responsive, a lot of mobile users visiting your website won’t get a good user experience.

In other words, each user should have the same level of navigational simplicity. For this, you’d need to make your website responsive so that it appears perfectly on all sizes of screens. This way, the design components and pages would adjust in size based on the size of the screen that your website is being viewed on.

If your website is already developed, web development services in the UK can help add the feature of responsiveness to improve the user experience of your website.

4. Visualize the Whitespace

Whitespaces are the blank spaces left in web page layouts between page components. Leaving these white spaces n your website design can help keep the design from looking too congested and rushy.

The white space on a page makes it appear less cramped and allows the reader more room to review the information. Not having this space, or simply having too much content on your website can make your website visitors feel overwhelmed and confused, which would only cause them to bounce away from your site.

When redesigning your web page layouts, hire web development company in the UK that would focus upon bringing out the essence of your brand through the design rather than filling the entire webpage with content.

5. Have an Audiovisual Impact

Research shows that online users have a higher level of engagement when it comes to videos as compared to content or plain images.

You can make your website more attractive by including a video on the web page. A lot of brands have introductory videos used as banners in which the essence of their brand is depicted.

Your website's characteristics have a significant influence on the amount of web traffic you receive, as well as the bounce rate and the conversion rates of your website. Thus, it is crucial to make it appealing through appointing quality web development services.

30 Aug 2022