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5 Compelling Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Have you ever visited a website that got your attention immediately? Do you want your visitors to feel the same?

If so, then you should invest in a website redesign.

Having a company that offers professional website development in UK to redesign your website will help you completely transform your site.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should invest in website redesign:

1. It Helps Your Business Stay Up to Date

Keeping your website up to date can be quite a challenge. New coding, changes in Google’s algorithm and other changes can make your website outdated. A website redesign will help your website stay up to date with the latest search engine requirements.

If your website has outdated coding, software that needs updating or a slow loading speed, then it means your website is not up to date.

Having professional website development in UK is key to ensuring that your website is updated with the latest features. 

2. A Good Website Will Retain More Visitors

It’s one thing to get people to visit your website and another to have them stay on it. Effective website design will help you retain many more customers through your website. Considering that most businesses spend a fortune to get potential customers to visit their website, having a good retention rate is crucial.

So how can you increase your website retention rate?

When you hire professional website development services to redesign your website, they will first conduct a review of your site’s effectiveness.

They will look at several factors like whether your site is responsive, has the latest UX design features and whether it is designed for customer retention or not. Knowing what keeps customers hooked onto a site is essential to maximize your website’s performance.

3. Your Website’s Ranking Will Improve

A website redesign is not only intended to improve customer experience, it can also help your site rank higher. Google’s latest algorithm favors websites that are more responsive and have a customer-centered design.

So how can a website redesign improve your site’s rankings?

By improving other aspects of your site such as speed, security and UX design, your website will ultimately rank higher.

If you have chosen a company that specializes in website development in UK, then they update several key factors that affects the site’s ranking. Try and find a company that will also develop an effective SEO strategy to help you get more organic traffic.

You’ll be surprised how a simple website redesign can drastically improve your SEO!

4. Improved Speed, Security and Other Features

Did you know that website loading speed is a key factor that affects your website’s ranking? Currently, Google’s new algorithm is punishing websites with poor loading speeds. Having a small improvement in your website speed can also increase the number of visitors on your site.

A professional website redesign will also improve the security of your site. Professional web developers may detect coding errors and bugs that may compromise the website’s security. They may also introduce advanced features that will make your site more flexible for retaining customers.

Improving website speed and security is also dependent on the reliability of your hosting provider so make sure you get the best web hosting services in the UK.  

5. Website Redesign is Less Costly in the Long Run

In the constantly changing online environment, you will either have to adapt or risk falling behind the competition. If you are still unsure whether to do a website redesign or not, consider the costs of not doing it. Consider the cumulative costs of doing a patch up every once in a while.

Doing a website redesign is an effective way to prevent cumulative patch-up costs. In the end, you may end up having to create a whole new website, which could be costlier.

So, why not take the initiative and move ahead of your competition with a professional website redesign?

And if your website has the following issues (see the image below), redesign isn’t just important for you, it’s necessary!

How to Choose a Company for Website Development in UK?

Whether its website redesign or building a new website, having the right company for website development services is essential. Here are some tips to choose the right company for website redesign:

  • Look At Their Previous Clients

A competent website development agency will have a list of clients or previous projects that are performing well. Take a look at some of their previous offers and you’ll have an idea of what they can do for you.

  • Go Into the Specifics

Before doing any website redesign, you should know the details of what you expect. A good developer will discus all possibilities with you, but having an idea of what to expect will help you choose the perfect website design.

  • Look at the Level of Support They Provide

Not all companies that provide website development in UK are the same. Before choosing one, look at the level of support they provide. Professional web development companies will provide dedicated support in case anything goes wrong with the website software.

  • Consider Your Budget

Lastly, you should have an idea of how much a website redesign costs. The good news is that a redesign is cheaper than making a new website from scratch. In any case, it’s still best if you have a rough estimate of how much you are willing to pay so that the developers can provide you will multiple options.

In the end, having a website redesign is great for getting more visitors to your site. Every website owner would like to generate the maximum ROI from their site and a professional website redesign will help you do just that.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a few good designs, discuss with professional website development services and be ready to completely transform your website!

26 Oct 2021