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10 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Website Doesn’t Convert Shoppers

Are you wondering why your e-commerce website is not achieving sales goals? Why you are not receiving the responses you were hoping for?

If yes, then you’re at the right place because we’re about to unveil some major reasons why most e-Commerce websites don’t convert!

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Why is Your Conversion Rate Low?

We often think that minor issues and errors in our website won’t really affect our sales. But the truth is that these seemingly unimportant issues often cause our visitors to leave without checking out their cart.

The best part is that it's never too late to fix any of the issues listed below; and in fact, most of them may be fixed in only a few hours!

Here you go:

  1. The Checkout Process is Complicated
  2. Your Website’s Layout is Ineffective
  3. Your Brand Doesn’t Have Any Social Profiles
  4. Detailed Product Descriptions Aren’t Provided
  5. Your Website has a Low Uptime
  6. There are Too Many Pop-Ups on Your Website
  7. You Don’t Offer a Money Back Guarantee
  8. The Website Has Too Many Security Checks
  9. Your Search Bar is Difficult to Use
  10. The Delivery Charges Are Too High


1. The Checkout Process is Complicated

To have a successful e-commerce website, simplicity is necessary. Your shoppers will either give up before making a purchase or go someplace else if they believe that the procedure is too difficult or that there are too many barriers in their path.

It's ridiculous, but the fact is that 1 in 5 online customers may abandon their cart due to a lengthy or complex checkout procedure.

So, make sure the checkout procedure on your website isn’t too long or confusing. Plus, it would be best to have COD (cash on delivery) as one of your payment options if possible.

2. Your Website’s Layout is Ineffective

An effective web design is the most important requirement to have a successful e-commerce website.

You better have an in-house web designer to assist you with the design of your website, even if you are going to start a small business.

Bad website design may include following points:

  • The absence of a grid on the website is a major issue
  • Confusing website navigation
  • Wrong font style makes reading difficult
  • Improper use of colours

3. Your Brand Doesn’t Have Any Social Profiles

In this age of social media, having social media profiles is very important for boosting people’s trust on your brand.

Buyers mostly build their trust on a brand when they see it on different social media sites with good reviews. If you do not flaunt your brand on different social websites such as Facebook and Instagram then it’s possible that you will get a low conversion rate.

Moreover, social media marketing is an important step that all brands must cover when it comes to improving the digital presence of your brand. Here’s why your brand must have proper social media profiles:


4. Detailed Product Descriptions Aren’t Provided

Imagine going to a grocery store only to find out that none of the food items have ingredients listed on them. Wouldn’t it be difficult for you to choose the right product without knowing what’s in it?

Well, the same happens with your website visitors if your website doesn’t have detailed product descriptions!

Product descriptions must swing between features smoothly while maintaining a high level of depth. Your product descriptions must avoid seeming like a long list of technical specifications, though.

Every feature must be vividly depicted so that the consumer not only comprehends the technical details (such as the exact style of the item, the material it is made of, etc.), but also quickly connects this knowledge to a genuine product that they can buy and use.

5. Your Website has a Low Uptime

Customer dissatisfaction with websites that are unstable and crash often is also quite high.

This issue is directly linked to your web hosting service, you can contact to the best web hosting providers in UK. According to research, majority of the online buyers abandon a website without making a purchase as a result of a website breakdown, and some online costumers do so due to timeout issues.

Make sure your website loads quickly and runs well; it will help you in increasing your website’s conversion rate. To run a successful e-commerce website you can hire the best web hosting providers in Liverpool UK.

6. There are Too Many Pop-Ups on Your Website

Online buyers mostly prefer smooth and uninterrupted website experience. If your website is continuously being interrupted by email pop-up ads, offer pop-ups or call/message pop-up ads then you are ultimately driving your customer away.

Pop-up ads not only make a buyer frustrated but also they may leave the website without even reading the content.

Make sure there aren’t more than one or two pop-ups on your website. And ensure that these pop-ups aren’t confusion, distracting, or hard to navigate through. Here’s an example:

7. You Don’t Offer a Money Back Guarantee

Not to have any regret is what everyone wants in the end, regardless of what they seek in terms of outcomes, pleasure, or happiness. You can build the trust of your costumers and can increase your conversion rate by giving them a money back guarantee.

Probably the most well-known guarantee in the entire world is this particular one. In fact, it's so well-liked that many customers now see it as a right rather than a benefit.

By providing money-back guarantees or by offering an exchange policy you can encourage your customers to buy from you. It will give them assurance that your service or product is worth buying.

8. The Website Has Too Many Security Checks

As we pointed out previously, successful e-commerce websites must provide security to give users an appropriate sense of safety when making a purchase online.

However, when websites go over and above to strengthen security it irritates buyers and they abandon the site immediately.

For instances, by adding pointless and repetitive barriers like excessive payment security checks, and frequent sign-ins, you may be annoying your customers rather than making them feel safe on your site.

9. Your Search Bar is Difficult to Use

Online consumers look for products and possibilities even when they are certain of the items they want to buy and they like exploring items from various brands and categories. 

Customers will be less likely to make online purchases if the store's search function is difficult to use.

The website should thus make it simple for users to search for goods and services that they’re interested in buying.

10. The Delivery Charges Are Too High

Extra fees and any hidden or visible additional charges annoy customers, which leads to cart abandonment most of the time.

On the other hand, online stores that give promotions and discounts with clear pricing are seen favourably by their clients.

A great method to make customers feel like they are getting a good deal without losing money is to include your delivery costs in the price of your goods and then provide free shipping.

Lastly, make sure your website is hosted by the best business hosting providers in UK , because this way you can be sure that your customers are enjoying a great user experience whenever on your website.

Also, your website would stay secure and have a high uptime with the best hosting providers in UK.

17 Oct 2022