Go Truck

ABOUT Go Truck

Our client is an enthusiast businessman who understands Pakistan’s economy and realizes the importance of digitizing trucking and cargo business in Pakistan owing to the incoming load to be generated with a full operational China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This is the reason he felt the need and came up with an idea similar to the  Uber-like solution for trucking industry.

  • Problem & Challenges

    Moving goods from one place to another is a great dilemma. One has to go to a truck station to find an appropriate vehicle for full load or book via cargo companies in case of partial load. And for a business owner it is really hard to keep track of each and every cargo booking or vehicle he booked or to ensure timely delivery of goods, among many other problems. Go Truck addresses many of these problems of business owners and anyone who wishes to move their goods from one location to another with confidence, trust and an assurity that their goods will be delivered on time and at an affordable price.

  • Go Truck

    Before starting the app development process, we completely understood the flow of the project by meeting with owners of trucks, truck stations, cargo companies. We conducted a thorough study to learn the ins and outs of freight calculations on the basis for material, load and truck type. All of this research allowed us to generate a platform where fleet operators and shippers can connect effortlessly.