ABOUT Click2Learn

Mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes. There is a lot of stuff on which you can spend hours without getting bored. While there are plenty of advantages of this amazing innovation, this has also become a hub for students to waste their precious time. For this purpose, it is necessary that students spend most of their time using digital technology for beneficial purposes. This is where Click2learn app comes into the picture.


Click2learn is a mobile app designed to provide unparalleled extensive testing service and comprehensive study materials in all subjects for the students of Matric, Intermediate, and for those who are preparing  for entry tests namely MCAT UHS, ECAT UET, NUST, GIKI, AKMU, NED etc.

  • Problem & Challenges

    It consists of four conceptual steps, LEARNING, TRAINING, PRACTICE & TESTING. Beneficiaries are the Students, Teachers & Academia. Parents can also find it a useful and effective monitoring tool to assess the performance of their children and play a direct part in their child’s future. And the most amazing thing is that this app is super-affordable even for low income groups. .

  • Click2learn

    We have done extensive research and analyzed the syllabus and problems that students, teachers, and parents in Pakistan face. And we came up with a handy solution which is this app named  Click2learn.


    Students:  To study & take tests (chapter by chapter & book by book) 24 hours a day.


    Teachers:  To give effective lectures with ease & conduct tests with efficiency.


    Parents:  To monitor performance and test their children effectively and efficiently (even if the parents themselves are not educated).


    Academia & Principals:  To ensure the quality of instruction and extensive testing of students for better performance in board examination.